Tor Picks The Most Bad-Ass “Trek” Episodes of All Time

When Star Trek begins streaming next month on Netflix, many of us may take a moment to check out our favorite episodes or episodes from the various series in the franchise history.

I know I’m curious to see which version of classic Trek will be included in the streaming options–will it be the original or the remastered version? (Both of them have their merits, though I will admit I prefer the original versions if push comes to shove).

Tor has a list of their 10 “bad-ass” episodes from the Trek franchise that may be worth viewing when the shows hit Netflix.

Here’s what they say about the list:

We know that Star Trek is theoretically a thinking person’s show, and the best episodes of all the various series reflect that sensibility. But what about the episodes that just kick ass? When Star Trek pulls that off, it’s doubly so, because it’s such a nerdy show. The following ten episodes from all the incarnations of Trek certainly aren’t the best, but we think they’re the most badass.

So which ten episodes made it?  You’ll have to surf over HERE to find out.


  1. says

    Not a bad list, but would have left off “Year Of Hell” personally only because at the end of the episode everything gets re-booted and none of that nastiness ever really happened in the first place… BLEH!!!

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