Paramount Working on HD “TNG”?

When Paramount remastered the original Star Trek for HD and Blu-Ray release, fans of the other series in the franchise were left wondering if or when the studio might do the same for their favorite series.

For a while, we heard that Paramount wasn’t planning to upgrade the modern Treks due to the high price tag involved (the series were filmed on video as opposed to film for TOS)

But now it appears that may be changing with a rumor that comes to us via Digital Bits, saying that Paramount is working on new HD masters of Next Generation.

The site reports that the new deal with Netflix to stream the entire Trek franchise could finally have the project moving from the realm of a fan’s deepest desire to becoming a reality.  If the project happens, it’s being reported that the remastered, HD version of TNG could first be seen via Netflix’s streaming service.

And, of course, there would probably be a release of the series to follow on Blu-Ray.

As of now, this is just a rumor and nothing is confirmed.  But given the solid work done by Paramount and CBS on the original Trek HD upgrade, an HD upgrade for TNG could be something special.  (I’m just imagining “Best of Both Worlds” in HD and kind of drooling a bit…)


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