“Chuck” Renewed for Fifth and Final Season

TV Guide is reporting good and bad news.

NBC has renewed “Chuck” for a fifth season, but it will be the final season. They’ve ordered 13 episodes to close out the series.

NBC also passed on the Ron Moore project, “17th Precinct”, and officially cancelled “The Event” .


  1. KGDC says

    I plan on watching this series on DVD from beginning to end. I just didn’t have anymore room on my DVR.

  2. Mark F. says

    Well at least they gave Chuck a lot of time to wrap up the series. Too bad about The Event. I thought it was a pretty good show.

  3. says

    I love Chuck, but I always suspected it didn’t have much left in the tank. As much as I love Chuck, though, I think Psych is a better show, and has better 80’s and Geek references than Chuck does.

  4. Bronzethumb says

    Yeah, I’d figured this would be the final season, but they couldn’t have made it a full 22 eps?

  5. Michael Mennenga says

    I have to say that I think this is a perfect plan. 5 seasons and wrap it up strong. Chuck is great fun, but it has always been skating on the thin line of goofy-bad vs campy-fun. I have always been concerned that they would go one too many times to the well and jump the shark (The one with frickin’ laser-beams)
    No this is good… One more great season to really amp it up and end the show on a high note.
    ( AND… Before someone does something or starts a storyline that makes us not want to enjoy the show on DVD for years to come)

  6. says

    I think it’s great that NBC is giving them 13 episodes for a victory lap and to wrap it up. And I hope they stick by that episode order…

    One of the things that led to a lot of lack of focus this year and last was the fact that the producers planned for a set number of episodes and broke the stories that way. Then they’d get extended and have to reshuffle. I’ve heard interviews where if Fedak and Schwartz had known they’d get an extended season four, they might have left Chuck without the Intersect longer than that they did. Also, they could have spaced out Dalton’s appearances as Volkov more.

    I think knowing it’s 13 episodes and we’re done will help the show a great deal and hopefully have it end on a high note.

  7. Dave_From_OZ says

    Don’t they need 100 episodes for syndication, these 13 only make it 91. They need 22 to get to 100. Lets hope NBC do a recount.

    • AcuraT says

      Incorrect. One hundred is the old number used years ago. As of the last few years, 88 episodes (or four seasons) is the number needed for syndication. Since one of Chuck’s years was killed due to the writers’ strike, they need a fifth season to reach that number. Adding 13 more episodes gets them just over that number, and generates $$$ for NBC and the production company for years to come.

      Although NBC may be doing it for the loyal fans, they are truly doing it for the rerun dollars. So you will see Chuck for years to come in reruns.

  8. bocoe says

    I was a Johnny-Come-Lately with The Event, however, once I watched it, I became hooked. I am saddened that it is being cancelled. Wow, I wish some of these shows could have come out a few years ago maybe they would have been given a better chance and a longer run. Oh boy, here comes another court drama or a CSI procedural, or yikes!-Another un-funny situation comedy.

  9. Alamo says

    I have to say, Chuck is probably my favourite TV show, but I am glad it is coming to an end, and that they are being given fair warning so it can wrap up nicely. The first two seasons were by far the best, in my opinion. The later ones have been enjoyable, but it’s time to wrap it up.

  10. thixen says

    I think that they are doing the right thing with Chuck. Most TV shows only have 5 seasons (give or take a season) in them. By giving everyone notice at the end of the 4th season the writers can do a bang up job wrapping up the series the right way. I just hope that the network pulls the “we ordered it for 13, but we really now want 23. Can you make us 10 more” crap because a show like this needs a tight schedule to end it properly.

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