Slice of SciFi #311 Video Tease

Have you ever wondered what you might be missing when you don’t catch the Slice of SciFi Live Stream on Thursday nights?

You might have heard this clip on the radio, but here’s the video version!

And if you want to see entire shows, try out Slice of SciFi TV


  1. Danny the blind geek says

    There are times I’m so glad I’m blind & this is one of them. If I wasn’t blind though, watching the Slice of SciFi video streem would probably make me go blind anyway. :p All radio faces & then there was Sam. Thank goodness for sam!

  2. says

    The video concept is good … EXCEPT .. that any interviews done for the show are not included since they are done beforehand. So .. if I want the *entire* show (those that have interviews) then I have to listen to the podcast anyway.

    It’s hard enough to keep up with all my podcast listening as it is .. so I just listen, not watch.

  3. tensaibaka says

    Mountain Dew, the only fuel really needed for anything, and he pounds it like a boss!