Chuck Wins USA Today Save Our Show Poll

If it were up to the readers of USA Today, Chuck would be back next year.

The series won the annual Save Our Shows poll.  Of the 47,000 votes cast, 45% wanted to see Chuck back next year.

V and No Ordinary Family weren’t in the poll, meaning they are likely gone.

The financial incentives to bring back Chuck for Warner Brothers are solid.  If the show gets a fifth season, it could get to one hundred episodes, which is considered the “magic number” for syndication.


  1. Mich67 says

    Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Chuck…watched it a couple of times the first year it came out…couldn’t get into it. Adam Baldwin was the best thing about it and personally I’d rather watch him on re-runs of Firefly.

  2. Jayson says


    I feel the same way and mainly because it reminds me of “The Big Bang Theory” which okay every now and again but it gets really boring to follow week after week.

  3. silverstring says

    I felt same way about chuck during its first season. Then I began to re-watch on dvd – viewing 2-3 shows per evening. Well I am now hooked. What seems like boring retread of similar shows turns into a great dramedy. Sara is not only amazingly beautiful – but her part has become very well written, oh and she is as good or better than any other female ninja like superstar. Chuck continues to be a little moronic – but add a little nice over music and he becomes very tolerable. Like the others , I like Baldwin. He is even showing some acting chops in the 3rd and fourth seasons. Guy may well get a real drama role as a result of chuck. I want a 5th, 6th etc season. Has become my weekly comfort food. GO JEFFSTER!!!!!

  4. Ryan says

    At first i wasnt totally hooked on chuck i would DVR each weak then sometimes watch but i re-watched the first season in one sitting and now im obsessed. I admit it has low and high times and it may seem cheesy to some people but its really good show when you just sit down and watch through them all.

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