Slice of SciFi #311: Interview With William F. Nolan (Author, “Logan’s Run”)

nolanIn the News:

  • The Commodore 64 is back!
  • More people are cutting the cable.
  • Matt Reeves is going to revisit They Live.

Multiverse News Update: Nigel Blackwood is back with an update. He’s reporting from a unique location this week.

Movie Talk:

  • Neve Campbell talks about sequels and reboots. By the way, she’s in Scream 4.
  • Reboot Rage: Total Recall update

Slice of Trivia: Kurt’s back with some new clips to stump you.

TV Talk: Where will Smallville end?

Interview: This week, we talk to author William F. Nolan.  He wrote the original novel, Logan’s Run and is now working on a comic book series that takes place after the end of the novels.

In the Future:

  • Ender’s Game.
  • Hit Girl is getting her own spin-off comic book.

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  1. King Kong Blues says

    I agree, your interview with William Nolan was great.

    Now in regards to your comments on the Commodore, you forgot to mention a fact that will never change: Atari > Commodore

    Atari 800 > Commodore 64
    Atari ST > Commodore Amiga

  2. Slowtrain says

    Loved hearing from William F. Nolan. I also heard his other FarPoint interview at – he talks about his craft and about his new book, Kincaid: A Paranormal Casebook.

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