Kirkman Would Welcome Sheen on “Dead”

With Charlie Sheen making news on an almost daily basis with his on-going feud with CBS and the production team of “Two and a Half Men,” it might seem a bit of a risk for the actor to be cast on another TV show.

But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be welcome on other shows. Included among those is “The Walking Dead.”

Producer Robert Kirkman says that he’d like to see Sheen on the second season of the hit AMC series.

“Charlie call us, we we will totally make that happen,” he says, speaking from the Paley Center “Walking Dead” event Friday. “We’ll do whatever you want.”

“We’ll recast YOU as Rick,” says Kirkman, still speaking to Sheen with tongue very much in cheek. “Andrew Lincoln will find something else to do.”

Other options? “He can direct an episode,” says Kirkman.

“Actually (Sheen) could play a car for all I care,” he adds. “He’s awesome.”


  1. says

    Michael Natale, I think Keith Richards already has that locked down.

    You know what they could do? Have Charlie play himself, al la Bill Murray in Zombieland. That would be fun.

  2. SaMM says

    Despite his public floorshow, the man can act. I’ve never seen 2 1/2 Men, but he has acted in movies & done a good job.

  3. Bronzethumb (from Australia) says

    “Wow, Mister Sheen, that’s dedication! None of our other zombies arrived in-character with the full makeup!”
    “Buhwhatnow? I got outta bed, like, twenty minutes ago. Where’s the makeup trailer? Bring it!”

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