Slice of SciFi #299A: An Encore Conversation With Stan Lee

We’re taking a week off to make sure the whole crew can join us for episode 300!  So, send in your episode 300 entries and get ready for next week’s show!  It’s going to be epic!

stanlee In the News:

  • Using “Minecraft,” one enterprising fan has created a virtual model of the NCC-1701D
  • Science news: Magnets can make you a lefty (or a righty as the case may be be)
  • Director Steven R. Monroe and leading lady Sarah Butler talk about “I Spit On Your Grave”

Movie Talk:

  • The IMDB has denied a listing for an independent, fan-funded film, “The Tunnel.”  Is it because the film will be distributed on peer-to-peer networks?”
  • The discussion about at-home on-demand movie viewing of films still playing in first run theaters.

TV Talk: Wonder Woman is coming back to TV rather than coming to the big screen.

Slice of SciFi Con Report: Jedi Junkies director Mark Edlitz brings us a report on Wizard’s Big Apple Con last weekend, October 1-3

Interview: Excelsior! Mike and guest Mike Stackpole talk with comics icon Stan Lee! They talk about “Superhumans” on History Channel, his appearances at New York Comic-Con and Hollywood Xpo this month, and his thoughts on the evolution of the acceptance and popularity of comic books today as compared to 30-40 years ago.

Stan gives credit to the movies for making the superheroes larger than life and bringing more money and more writing and artistic talents to the comics industry, and marvels at the advances in CGI and film technology that now allow the characters from his imagination to appear on screen, and more!

In the Future:

  • “Myst” is headed to the silver screen.
  • Will we get more direct-to-home-theater “Stargate” movies?

Link: Renaissance Festival Podcast
Link: Virtual Model of the Enterprise
Link: The Tunnel
Promo: EvilleCon 2011

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  1. Liam Smith says

    Where will I be able to find the link to your video feed? I found it last week, but have been unable to find it in about 20 minutes of searching through your website. I know I’m old, but I didn’t think I was senile. Please spoon-feed me the link.


    Oh BTW, I heard about Slice of SciFi (or Scice of SlyFy, as I heard on the audio feed) by listening to Celtic and Irish Music Podcast by Marc Gunn.