Slice of SciFi #299: A Conversation with James Frain of “The Cape”

NUP_142674_0820.JPGIn the News:

  • A new HD can take just about anything you can throw at it.
  • Tim Kring says “Heroes” would have been better if it was allowed to be more like “The Walking Dead”
  • NASA has found a new rocky, extra-solar planet

Special Segment: Nigel Blackwood reports in with the Multiverse news.

Movie Talk:

  • Get the latest on “The Hobbit” casting news.
  • Could Charlize Theron be cast in the “Alien” prequel?

Krazy Joe’s Punch in the Junk: Joe’s back with his first punch of 2011!

Interview: James Frain from NBC’s new series The Cape joins us to talk about his role as Chess.

In the Future:

  • George R.R. Martin says not to worry about “A Game of Thrones” the series catching up to the books.
  • We’ve got news on series four of “Torchwood”

And don’t forget we’re counting down to episode 300! We’ve got a special contest going. Find out more on the Voice Mail show!

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