“Primeval” Webisodes Set Up Series Four

The new year will kick off with the return of “Primeval” Saturday evening.

But before you tune in for series four, you may want to check out these webisodes that lead up to the series premiere.


  1. Mich67 says

    Awesome…can’t wait. Good to see some of the characters…new and old. Nice bridge between the time Abby, Connor, and Danny disappeared to the time of the new ARC. Hope they include a mention of Sarah in the first eppy though. If they don’t, some people that don’t keep up with spoilers and such may be scratching their heads as to where she is.

    Think Matt might be a good guy even though they are making him mysterious with this Gideon. Kinda wonder if he might not be from the future and they are trying to discover who was responsible for the creature that wipes out humanity in the future. Helen seemed to think it was started at the ARC. Just a thought. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  2. Tammy Smith says

    The only thing that really drives me up the wall about Primeval is how they keep changing the cast! This will be the third leader for the team. I hope they will keep people around a bit longer this time, if Primeval stays on awhile.

  3. David Hill says

    Thats what makes British SCIFI different from American. In real life people change, leave,die,move on etc.
    That constant change produces more stories. If you had the same crew for 7-8 years the stories would come to a standstill.

  4. Chris From Poland says

    While I would be quick to criticize such cast changes in other shows, for some reason it works in “Primeval”. I love how this show has an early “Stargate SG-1″ feel to it. Did you notice how apart from the “Stargate” movie, which had those large, brown grazing animals, the Stargate franchise featured no alien animals for all its seasons and spinoffs, up until that memorable episode with Rush and another pack of grazing cow-things…? I tend to think of “Primeval” as a sort of a “Stargate: Zoo” spinoff :-)

  5. Mich67 says

    Have to admit I miss Nick Cutter and Claudia/Jenny because they were on for so long. Not sure if the actress playing Claudia/Jenny made the decision to leave or not but I know Douglas Henshall made the decision to leave and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

    The guy playing Danny had conflicting schedules with filming because he had moved on after the long hiatus when they had canceled the show (then thankfully brought it back) and Laila Rouass didn’t want to leave her kid when they moved filming to another location. Most of the replacements have been due to actors leaving rather than the show just writing them out….except for Stephen.

    I kind of wonder if Jenny and Helen weren’t prematurely cut because Henshall left the series. I’m just thankful Abby, Connor, and Lester are still there and of course Rex. Hope to see Sid and Nancy too.

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