Slice of SciFi #296: Year-End Holiday Geeking!

Merry Christmas! Welcome to this week’s Slice of SciFi!

In the News:

  • Learn more about how your cell phone could become a microscope.
  • What is the hottest genre on e-book readers?.
  • Tron: Legacy has inspired a snow suite in a Swedish hotel.

Movie Talk:

  • Renting a DVD or Blu-Ray?  You may find the special features locked out.
  • Neil Armstrong weighs on the most unbelievable part of the “Transformers 3″ trailer.
  • TV Talk: Where is Supernatural headed in 2011?

    Discussion: This week, it’s our end of the year geeking about the best and worst of 2010. If you agree or disagree, you can give us your thoughts on the Voicemail line!  We’d love to hear from you!

    In the Future:

    • Find out more about the upcoming animated “Green Lantern” series.
    • Finally we end with a bit of reboot rage.  They’re rebooting “Firestarter”

    Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your comment on the voicemail show!

    Link: “Tron: Legacy” Hotel Suite
    Promo: EvilleCon 2011

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    1. says

      Huh. Why can’t I download the MP3? I was gonna listen to it on my way to work. Oh well, at least I still have that episode of WTF I’m behind on.

    2. Chris From Poland says

      No MP3 here as well, but in such cases Summer told us not to whine and just wait patiently for it to appear, so let’s not whine :-).

    3. Greg M says

      I’m waiting until Monday before I start asking where the episode is. It’s Christmas time, so Summer, just like the rest of us, deserves the time off.

    4. says

      Jeremy – Email Mike and see if he’ll send you a copy of it. It was an original piece done up by one of our listeners. We originally ran it on the voicemail show some time ago.