Slice of SciFi #295: A Conversation with Phil Plait of “Bad Universe”

philplait_medIn the News:

  • Jet lag makes you stupid.
  • Couples are unhappy with their “Avatar” themed weddings.
  • A new law in Oklahoma addresses what happens to your virtual property when you die

Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood brings you all the latest and greatest news.

Movie Talk:

  • Who would Anne Rice like to play Lestat if there was a reboot of “Interview With a Vampire”
  • Find out more about James Camreon’s next 3-D project.  (It’s actually cool…)
  • Special Holiday Segment: Mike treats us to a very special holiday carol.  You can send that hate mail to

    TV Talk: Find out more about the latest season of “The Vampire Diaries”

    Interview: This week, we have talk to Phil Plait, host of Discovery Channel’s “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe.” We talk about this great series as well as SyFy’s decision to cancel “SGU”

    Link: Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy
    Link: Bad Astronomy Blog
    Twitter: @badastronomer

    In the Future:

    • Will the Clark Kent cameo be in “Green Lantern?”
    • The British version of “Being Human” is gearing up for series three.

    And don’t forget we’re counting down to episode 300! We’ve got a special contest going. Find out more on the Voice Mail show!

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      Curious… raises single eyebrow

      • says

        You could also have done the refresh trick: delete the “bad” item, collapse the main podcast entry, then expand it while holding down the “option” key on the Mac, or the “Alt” key on the PC.

        That should “refresh” the subscription with the corrected item.


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