Lots of “Doctor Who” Rumors Surface

Doctor Who Series 5Our news director loves “Doctor Who.”  So you know any time he sees rumor about the upcoming season, he’s going to jump all over them.

He’s still holding out hope that the Zygons might somehow make a return visit (mainly to bump up the release of the classic Tom Baker serial with the villains in the DVD release queue). And while they’ve been rumored to appear in every series since the show returned, there aren’t any rumors of them coming back this year.

However, that doesn’t mean some classic “Who” villains aren’t on the rumor mill.

Several rumor sites and discussion boards are saying the Cybermen will return in series six. But not the Cybermen we saw in the Russell T. Davies era, which heralded from a parallel universe. These would be the original Cybermen from the original series run. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but writer Steven Thompson, who worked with Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis, is reportedly working on a story with the metallic adversaries. Rumors say it could be set in Egypt and it would be the seventh and possibly eight episodes of series three. (That means we wouldn’t see the Cybermen until next fall).

Another possible old-school villain set to return in the Mara. Feature in two stories in the Peter Davison era, the Mara was an incarnation of human desire and darkness, which takes the form of a snake and controls people through tattoos on their arms. This rumor is fueled by set photos showing Amy and River Song with similar tatoos on their arms (though they look nothing like the original Mara marks from the Davison era) and the fact that the original Mara stories will get a box-set DVD release in 2011.

Another interesting rumor is that the two-part season premiere, currently filming in the United States, may feature a future version of the 11th Doctor and continue Moffat’s streak of playing with the time travel nature of the show. According to rumors, this Doctor will show up and reveal something about the Doctor’s future to Amy and that River will beg Amy not to tell the Doctor. This might all play into earlier hints from Steven Moffat about Amy having a big secret and episode seven revealing “the true nature of [The Doctor’s] relationship with Amy Pond.”

Moffat also hints that the mid-season finale will offer flashbacks to “Genesis of the Daleks” and events that unfolded there.    This classic serial is a pivotal one to the new series and former producer Russell T. Davies has confirmed that this was one of the first shots fired in the Time War.   So, if you’ve not seen it, you need to do so immediately.  It’s available on DVD to either buy or via Netflix.

Moffat also says all the questions left unanswered in the end of series five will be addressed in series six.

“All the answers are coming, I promise – including the answers to questions people haven’t even thought to ask yet. I mean, we know how Amy remembered the Doctor. But how did River…?” he says.

Of course, all of these are just rumors and speculation at this point. If you want to see more, check out Galifrey Base’s thread on the rumors surrounding the upcoming holiday special and series six.


  1. says

    Eh, they said the classic Cybermen would be on last season too. I’m not holding my breath. Unless maybe they find that one that was unaccounted for in the TARDIS at the end of Earthshock…

  2. Mitch from Omaha says

    Arkle, you really should hold your breath. Go ahead, start now, and see if you can hold it until next Tuesday. It’ll be great fun for everyone!

  3. Mich67 says

    That’s a lot of rumors to get ones head around. Really want to know about River and Amy and if questions about River are something they are going to answer then yes, I want to know how she knew to give that empty diary to Amy…freaking weird…been then River has always been odd.

  4. tmw says

    What’s happening with Rory? I liked the team dynamic so much better when he was there, his presence/absence may actually affect whether I watch the new season…

  5. D C says

    No mention of Rory, but since last season ended with his marriage to Amy, I assume he’ll be there in some.

    Count me among those who like it when the Doctor has two or more companions. Having multiple people for him to play off of makes things more interesting and gives more dynamics for the writers to work with.

  6. says

    I love the rumor regarding Genesis Of The Daleks. After all it was the Time Lords who basically started it by sending the Doctor to Skaro to destroy the Daleks, and if they found out what the Time Lords had done at that time it would easily explain why the Daleks retaliated thus launching the Time War as we’ve come to understand it.

    As for River, it’s a safe bet that somehow she ends up killing the Doctor at some point which is why she ended up in jail. That’s why River’s killing herself to save the Doctor in the two part Library episode (from the David Tennant era) would bring that idea full circle and allow herself to find redemption.

  7. John Sturdy says

    I’m wondering what these rumors are about genesis of the Daleks & the Cybermen. Because I haven’t heard anything from any where. As for river Song turning out to be his daughter I doubt it. Remember her comment to that guy in the library when she said he was the only one in the room she didn’t fancy. The Doctor was there, then there’s her catch phrase “Hello Sweetie!” Oh & the library was their first meeting from the Doctor’s perspective. I’m sure his daughter was introduced before that, still I would like to see her return. The only problem there will be continuity, as I remember she regenerated but didn’t change appearance. unless they get the same girl they’re gonna have problems with fans who’ll be able to spot the difference even if she looks really similar. A good way around this would be to make out the proses wasn’t yet finished when she left so abruptly.

  8. says

    @John Sturdy. Actually, we’ve seen the creation of the Daleks in “Genesis of the Daleks.” It’s out on DVD if you haven’t seen it (and if you’re a Who fan, you NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!)

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