Slice of SciFi #290: An Interview With Dean Kamen of “Dean of Invention”

deanofinvention_sosf260In the News:

  • Will Netflix’s live streaming overpower the capacity of the Internet?
  • Astronomers Discover Giant Bubbles.
  • Hasbro Debuts 3-D Devices for iPod, iPhone

Multiverse News: Nigel’s back with the latest news.

Movie Talk:

  • We’ve got details on “Skyline”
  • Marvel is cutting the budget on “The Avengers”

Slice of Trivia: Kurt is back with trivia. Can you guess it before the studio crew does? And don’t forget to send your clips to sliceoftrivia at gmail dot com.

TV Talk: Find out more about the upcoming fourth series of “Torchwood”

Interview: Mike and Sam talk to Dean Kamen, the host of “Dean of Invention” on Discovery’s Planet Green

In the Future:

  • The Dark Knight takes to the stage
  • Could Morgan Freeman be part of “Akira?”

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