Fedak Reveals Plans for “Chuck”

As we were celebrating the good news that “Chuck” will get an additional eleven episodes this year, the question arose of what kind of story will be told in the additional episodes.

Series co-creator and co-producer Chris Fedak says that the first half of season four has been about pushing the show and that he doesn’t expect a letdown in the second half.

“We’ve always designed our show to push story, to tell bigger stories, and we’ve done that for the first 13 episodes. But we have the next part of the story teed up so that we can ramp into nine more episodes … or whatever NBC might order. We have that idea out there, and we have the big shape of things that we want to do. … We’ll start going to break that out, episode by episode, and figuring out where we’re going each week,” Fedak tells Blastr.

Fedak says that while the writers and producers planned for 13 episodes (the initial order by NBC), they always hoped the network would give the show more and that they have a plan for the back half.

And Fedak says that the mythology stories for this season are getting ready to hit the next gear, starting with this Monday’s installment. Some of what’s ahead is SPOILERy. You have been warned.

“With the return of Mom, we get into the mythology of our show, and then we get into what happened with Mom and the mysteries that surround her, as well as the organization that she has been a part of, the Volkoff Industries, which is our Big Bad this season,” said Fedak. “And we have some really exciting stuff coming up. We have Timothy Dalton joining the show. He plays Gregory Tuttle, he works for MI6, but he is a handler, not a spy. He’s read all the manuals and how-to books, but he’s not a field agent.”

Fedak went on to say that Dalton will be a recurring role this season on the show.

There’s a little bit of him watching Chuck in action and being impressed. And also, for Timothy, it’s like Timothy is not only a great action hero, he also is a really, really funny actor, and to watch him play Tuttle is just fantastic. I think [co-creator] Josh [Schwartz] and I are so excited by the Tuttle character. We first see Tuttle in episode seven this season, which is Chuck Versus The First Fight,” he said.

Fedak went on to say the the writers are still planning for one major event to occur in episode thirteen–the birth of Ellie and Awesome’s baby.

“I would say that Ellie will have her baby most likely by episode 13,” said Fedak. “We’re still breaking that episode right now, but we’re really excited to actually have [a birth on our show]. … It’s the ‘Chuck’ show, and so we’re trying to figure out how exactly we can make that big and funny, and also have it in the spy component.”

“Chuck” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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