Slice of SciFi #281: Interview With Billy West from “Futurama,” Part Two

west_fryIn the News:

  • Scientists have discovered near Earth-sized planets.
  • SciFi to SciFact: Self-Tying Laces
  • Experience “Hamlet” in the original Klingon

Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood is back with a report from the multiverse.

Movie Talk:

  • James Cameron wants to compete with “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.”
  • Why did we never get a “Flash Gordon 2?”

Slice of Trivia: Kurt’s back with some new clips to stump the studio crew and you.  Can you figure them out before the studio crew does? And don’t forget Kurt needs your clips for future trivia segments. Send them:

TV Talk: The creators of “Robot Chicken” are trying a new twist on reality television.

Interview: It’s the second half of our interview with Billy West. You might know Billy from some of his many voice roles on “Futurama.”  This week, we talk to him a bit about how he got started.

In the Future:

  • John Cusack will star as Edgar Allen Poe.
  • What’s the latest on “Kick Ass 2?”

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  1. moylan says

    talking about automated shoe laces tightening system.

    as somebody with an arthritic hip i would say that there is a market for those with limited flexibility. slip on shoes slip off too easily. would have thought by now that there’d be a simple solution. have to have a think about it. a geeks work is never done. :-)

  2. ejdalise says

    Way back in my 30’s (more than a few moons ago) I got fed up with shoe laces, and moved on to New Balance Velcro Walkers. (here’s what they look like:

    No I don’t have arthritis (at least not bad enough for it to hamper my movements), but I like the ability to adjust the snugness of my shoes with great precision, and not have it change with continuous wearing.

    Sure, not stylish, but as I long ago realized, it’s far more important to do and live for one’s self, and not others.

  3. moylan says

    well sneakers are well and good. but in ireland they offer too little protection against irish weather in terms of rain and cold. also when i’m working on hardware i prefer shoes with toe protection. the one and only time i worked on a server build in sneakers the unit with 2 redundant power supplies and the scsi raid array decided to fall on my foot.

    it’s amazing how many new swear words you can invent while hopping on one foot! :-)

    when it’s happens in front of customers i use the swear words from sci fi. from judge dredds drokk and stomm to klingons pahtak!

    as for stylish. i’ve never worked a job were i need a suit. 40 this year and have been offered jobs in banks it departments. i avoid dress code jobs like the plague.

  4. says

    Hi ya’ll were mentioning the itunes ping thing. In the same category I really like It’s like twitter with music and I you can listen to a single dj stream just like you can see all the tweets from a twitter friend.

  5. says

    Agreed! Billy is AAAAWESOME! He had some great bits that he was doing before we recorded. I’m hoping he actually does come to Phoenix in the near future and can drink whisky with us!

  6. WildNelson says

    Just listened to these two on a road trip, and DEAR GOD… please learn how to conduct an interview, instead of just letting the guest ramble on about random bullshit.

  7. Gazerbeam says

    WildNelson… You haven’t been listening long, have you. If you have, you’d know that these guys *do* know how to conduct an interview. Sometimes the interviews are very structured, and other times they’re more like friendly conversations. I suggest catching up a bit on past episodes, and then conducting an interview or 200 yourself and see if it’s as easy as you seem to think. :)

  8. says

    From what I’ve heard, SoSF is the embodiment of random ramblings. It’s what makes it special. That said, Gazerbeam is dead on: Despite the randomness, the SoSF crew is very professional when it comes to the show. Note that professionalism doesn’t mean not having fun. :-)