Slice of SciFi #279: Conversation with Debbie Myers (General Manager, Science Channel)

Debbie_Myers_HeadshotIn the News:

  • The budget for “Battleship” could be $200 million.
  • Scientists predict we could find evidence of ETs in the next 25 years.
  • Gary Kurtz says the toy line ruined the “Star Wars” franchise.

Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood is back with a new update for us

Movie Talk:

  • Will we ever see “Hellboy III?”
  • Daniel Craig talks about Bond.

Slice of Trivia: Kurt’s back with some new clips to stump the studio crew and you.  Can you figure them out before the studio crew does? And don’t forget Kurt needs your clips for future trivia segments. Send them:

TV Talk:  What’s coming up on the second season of “V”?  Find out.

Interview: This week we talk to Debbie Myers, general manager of the Science Channel, and Executive Vice President of Programming for Discovery Emerging Networks. What shows are in store for us?

In the Future:

  • Last Man Standing
  • “Ultimate Spider-Man” the animated series has hired Paul Dini.

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  1. says

    Thanks Barry! It was a lot of fun talking with Debbie and she had some really cool things to say. All I can say is look for us at a Pumpkin Chunkin’ … I’m thinking ROAD TRIP time!