What’s Ahead for “Warehouse 13″?

During the recent joint panel for “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13,” executive producer Jack Kenny gave a few hints about what we can expect from the rest of season two.

Kenny says that the plotline involving H.G. Wells will continue to play out.

Asked if the H.G. Wells arc is the start of a shift away from artifact-of-the-week plots to more ongoing stories, and he essentially split the difference between the two. He explained that the characters are what drives the show’s arcs, and they build a lot of mini-arcs around the guest stars and how long they’ll be around for. He also said that they always want to wrap any ongoing story they’re telling around a new artifact, and to be sure both aspects comment in some way on the characters.

He also revealed that the series is working on two effects heavy episodes for the season finale that will take place in Egypt. The season will also see a new recurring cast member in Faran Tahir, who will be a new regent for the Warehouse.

Pete will channel his inner Captain Kirk this season, having a variety of different girlfriends. And actor Eddie McClintock is happy about that development.

“Pete likes chicks. I’ve been lucky enough to have a writing team that lets Pete do other things than besides solve cases and look for artifacts and Paula Garces and Tia Carrere do a great job in fulfilling that little niche, and I got a little kiss with Jaime Murray [H.G. Wells],” McClintock tells io9.

Kenny confirmed we’re going to learn a lot more about Mrs. Fredric, where she comes from, and how she’s connected to the Warehouse through time.

“There’s kind of an abject terror that I keep undercover,” actor Saul Rubinek explained when asked how he relates to the character. “There’s a mysterious quality to this woman both as a woman and as a character. So there’s a respect and just keeping my distance enough just to protect ourselves.”

C.C.H. Pounder said she actually knows nothing about her character’s identity, and she honestly likes it that way. She speculated that fans would likely figure out what was going on with Mrs. Fredric long before she did. If nothing else, we know she won’t be getting any romantic entanglements anytime soon. As Jack Kenny explained, her lover is the Warehouse, quipping, “It’s big, dark, and complex – what more could a woman want?”

And this season will also feature a crossover between “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13.” Claudia will drop by “Eureka” while Fargo will guest on “Warehouse.” And this may not the last crossover event we see for these shows.

Rubinek hopes Artie crosses over at some point, suggesting to us that perhaps his “Eureka” character could be revealed as Artie’s twin brother who changed his name.

“Warehouse 13″ airs Tuesdays on SyFy.

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