Slice of SciFi #268: VoiceMail Show

This is the show where our loyal, adoring, and inquisitive fans and listeners get to hear us comment on their comments about our stories and comments… it’s the Circle of Entertainment Life!

We do want to hear your comments and feedback… No, really, we do! Pay no attention to how much Mike grumbles about them — you know, that guy sitting in the dark corner with all of the blinky lights, the knobs and the scotch.

This week, Mike, Brian and Sam respond to the questions and comments posed by your voicemail submissions, and as always, BEWARE SPOILERS!!

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  1. Greg M says

    I hope it’s just paranoia talking and I have nothing to worry about, but what was this at the end of the Voicemail show about not coming back? Are you serious? Is the show over. It’s been fun if it is, but say it ain’t so.

  2. says

    Well it’s officially the summer. The time of year when Wingin’ It gets regenerated into a new show that’s not quite the same as the last incarnation.

  3. says


    Marv said the banned WI words! BAD MARV! NO Biscuit!


    That being said, WI is dead. Kaput, Gone and never to come back. Period. Don’t ever expect it to return because it won’t.

  4. Mark Abbott says

    Well, for those of us who are curious, but don’t want to wait until Thursday night (or Saturday in my case), could it be divulged what Mike was alluding to?

  5. says

    I was wondering about the comment too. Something was said like “we won’t be back in this location” which suggests a new show but recorded elsewhere. Any hints as to what’s going on?