Slice of SciFi #260: Conversation with Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold (“Meteorite Men”)

meteorite-menIn the News:

  • San Diego is planning an expansion of their convention center to keep ComicCon.
  • Disney is already looking at making “Tron” a trilogy.
  • Learn more about the new robotic sidekick on the “Late, Late Show.”

Multiverse News: Galactic News by Nigel Blackwood’s Clone #104.

Movie Talk:

  • Chris Evans talks about playing Captain America. This may or may not make you happy…
  • Find out more about the direct-to-home-theater project, “Race.”

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew with clips.   Can you figure it what they are before the studio crew does?  Email your clips to Kurt at Slice of Trivia. Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: John Noble talks about the big revelations we’ve seen and those yet to come on “Fringe.”

Interview: This week, we chat with Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold of the Science Channel’s “Meteorite Men.”

In the Future:

  • Wil Wheaton has been cast for a guest role in “Eureka.”
  • Neal Adams is working on a new Batman mini-series.

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!

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  1. says

    Brian: Well done, sir.

    On the question of Fringe vs. Lost…I’m not sure I agree that newer shows are learning from “Lost’s mistakes”. A lot of shows in the past five years have tried to emulate the Lost formula, and most of them have failed miserably, at least in the ratings.

    I’m not sure Chuck is really in the same category as Lost, but it’s struggled year after year. This has forced the writers to think in much shorter chunks of story, because they have to make the most out of the time they have. Because they are talented, it works well for them.

    Fringe, on the other hand…well, it started off slower, and the producers made a conscious decision to reveal things more quickly. I have to think that was a move born of the questions over renewal and a realization that the mythology wasn’t dense enough to justify stringing things out. Plus, they know they’re on FOX…they know the axe can come down any time, so moving faster is the right move.

    The producers/writers for Lost openly admit they were victims of their own success. They had a story to tell, and wanted to avoid ending that story too soon. That really hurt the momentum. The best move they made was setting an end date. The show noticably shifted into a higher gear after that.

    So I think there’s a difference in terms of circumstance. Chuck and Fringe have no idea when the end will come, so they sped things up accordingly. Lost slowed down to avoid the X-Files Syndrome, where the story is artificially extended season by season because the network can’t justify letting it go.

    The show I really worry about is Supernatural. They paced out a five year arc pretty damn well, fighting for renewal year after year…only to get just popular enough to get a sixth season renewal. Which means, instead of going out with a pre-planned bang, they have to figure out how to follow up the bloody apocalypse without knowing how long the story can play out. What are the chances that will end well?

  2. says

    Yay Nigel Blackwood and the Galactic news!

    re: Fringe. I’m a bit embarrassed saying this ’cause I often like the more cerebral stuff but I want to see Olivia really kick ass again like she did when escaping her abduction. Only this time using her available and suppressed skills and the bad guys just really not ready for it. I’m sure it’ll get there again.

  3. says

    John – Oh I’m with you on Supernatural! We’ve mentioned it before on our news that the two mains only signed 5 year contracts so that leaves a LOT of questions on if they would go for just a year contract or not. I guess the same goes for the writing crews and the like. A lot of wait and see there. I’m still a season behind myself… but I’ve been spoiled a few times. Eh, part of the job I guess! 😉

    Skiz – Hm. I’m not sure. I think she’s still healing and all that from her season ender trauma. I expect that sooner or later we’ll see her kick ass!