Wil Wheaton Returns to “Big Bang”

Actor Wil Wheaton is reprising his role as the evil version of himself for an upcoming episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Titled “The Wheaton Recurrance,” the story finds Sheldon challenging his nemesis to bowling. Set to air on April 12, the storyline also promises that Wheaton’s appearance will challenge the foundation of Penny and Leonard’s romance.

TV Addict has several photos from the appearance on-line. They could be considered SPOILERish so if you don’t want to know, you don’t have to click HERE. If you are curious, you can check the photos out at the link.

Wheaton has also written about his experience working on the new episode on his blog. You can find posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


  1. ejdalise says

    Go for it. I started watching season I a few weeks ago, and I’m now half through the second season.

    All I have to say is . . . excellent! I can count on one hand comedy series which have consistently made me laugh out loud, and I would have a a few fingers left over. Out of 5 DVDs there was one episode I found mildly amusing, but the rest were all laugh-out-loud funny.

    And I have 30 years of watching sitcoms to draw on.

    And while not restoring my faith in humanity, I am pleasantly surprised this show is a hit because the writing is smart, and the dialogue is head and shoulders above the typical TV fare. An indication that perhaps I need to raise my opinion of the general TV audience . . . nah, they probably still miss half the jokes.


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