Matt Smith Era Begins April 3

At long last, we have a start date for the fifth series of “Doctor Who.”

Continuing the tradition set since the show returned in 2005, the fifth series will kick-off on Easter weekend.  The first episode of the Matt Smith era begins on Saturday, April 3 in the UK.

Titled “The Eleventh Hour” and written by new producer Steven Moffatt, the first episode is rumored to run longer than the traditional 45 minute running time.

No word yet on how quickly the episodes may make the jump across the pond and air on BBC America.  Some speculate that it could be within a few hours or days as was the case with the recent wrap-up of the David Tennant era with “The End of Time.”


  1. Andrew Moore says

    Although it is likely to be April 3rd this still hasn’t been confirmed by the BBC.

    The date has only been seen on a twitvid posted by an unofficial source.

  2. says

    As long as it doesn’t take a month to get over here, I’m perfectly fine waiting. What’s going to be weird is that this I’m still adjusting to having to wait for new Who. Right up to Waters of Mars, I watched the whole thing in a matter of a few weeks, borrowing the DVDs from my Dad. Yes, I’m a late comer, shut up. 😉


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