Could Whedon Be Going to FX?

With “Dollhouse” concluding next Friday, it appears that Joss Whedon is looking for work.

And while Whedon may be working on the next installment in the “Dr. Horrible” universe and said he’d sworn off working with broadcast networks for his next project, that doesn’t mean he’s entirely done with television.

TV By the Numbers reports that Whedon will have lunch next week with FX president John Landgraf to discuss future projects.

“I have enormous respect for him,” Landgraf said.

We don’t know yet what they’ll discuss, but a Whedon show on FX could great news.


  1. Jarik says

    FX is still Fox so I’m a bit cautious. On the plus side Whedon can create a series he would never be able to do on broadcast television.

  2. says

    Whedon’s projects are meant for niche audiences and therefore cannot coincide with network television well. Its surprising he has not sought cable or even pay channel in the past.


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