Slice of SciFi #247: Melissa Heidrich (Studio Director, PassionFruit Games)

In the News:

  • The Mars Rover Spirit may be stuck up on the surface of the Red Planet. Find out what the future holds for the Martian exploration lander.
  • SciFi to SciFact: “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact.”
  • Bolstered by the commercial success of “Paranormal Activity,” Paramount is creating a “micro-budget” division.

Movie Talk:

  • Find out more about the hot deleted scene that could be on the “Avatar” Blu-Ray and DVD.
  • We’ll delve into the conflict over the villain(s) in “Spider-Man 4″ and how that has delayed production of the film.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and your knowledge with some new clips.   Can you figure it what they are before the studio crew does?  Email your clips to Kurt at Slice of Trivia. Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk:

  • Do you fly BT Airwaves to watch “Heroes?”  You’re not alone.  More people download episodes than tune in to NBC.
  • ESPN and the Discovery Channel made waves this week with plans for 3-D outlets.

Interview: This week, we talk to Melissa Heidrich of PassionFruit Games.  Melissa talks about their upcoming game, “Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box,” including news on casting the game and what you can expect from this unique gaming experience.

In the Future:

  • Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talks about “Iron Man 2″ and Don Cheadle taking over the road of Rhody, aka War Machine.
  • Producer David Goyer says that the pace for “Flash Forward” is about to pick up.

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Link: Passion Fruit Games
Link:  The Seeker Cast
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  1. Chris From Poland says

    The description above for this podcast is missing the interview section. Just sayin’…

  2. says

    Still hating on Heroes, huh? Can you put all the Heroes hate at the end so I can skip over it :) . Just because you and all your friends don’t like it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of people that still like and want to to know what’s going on. The fact that NBC is considering bringing it back next year must mean that they are happy with it’s performance. Anyway, I’m done.

  3. Fairuse says

    Listened to this today for the 2nd time; caught it live, well sorta live, XM sounds live.
    Ever think of following up on the Casual Game thing. Yes, I said ‘thing’. Just wondering….