Slice of SciFi #242: A Conversation with Larry Nemecek

nextgencompanionIn the News:

  • New producer Scott Rosenbaum talks about what his vision for “V” will be when the series returns in 2010.
  • Find out how the creators of the “Avatar” tie-in game worked to make the game compliment the world created in the upcoming movie.
  • Producer Chris Fedak talks about the upcoming third season of “Chuck” and how the six extra episodes will work.

Movie Talk:

  • Reboot Rage: Disney wants to remake “The Black Hole”
  • Could “Panic Attack” be the next “District 9″?

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and your knowledge with some new clips.   Can you figure it what they are before the studio crew does?  Email your clips to Kurt at sliceoftrivia at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: If you think you’re confused by what’s happening on “Flash Forward” wait until you find out what the stars of the show may or may not know about the future…

Interview: This week, the studio gang talks to Larry Nemecek, author, editor and blogger. We chat with him about his latest projects and about all things Star Trek.

In the Future:

  • They may split the movie version of “Breaking Dawn” into two films… and have a spin-off series about Edward.  (Gee, didn’t they do that as “Angel?”)
  • Warner Brothers has purchased the rights to a new five-book series called “Beautiful Creatures.”

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  1. Bill from Albuquerque says

    You all know that Hollywood has done the reboot thing on TV as well. Two classic examples are “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” in which the high-tech sub “Seaview” explored the oceans and solved mysteries and Steven Spielberg’s little revamping of it called “seaQuest DSV” from the ’80’s. Another ’80’s show everybody loves also was on TV in the late ’60’s under another title. “Quantum Leap” was a reimagining of the late ’60’s show “The Time Tunnel” in which our intrepid scientist accidently gets zapped into the past and is leaping through time hoping to get back home. I believe that the first episode of “Time Tunnel” has our main character going on board the Titanic. The main differences in the shows is that the strong military presence in both shows from the ’60’s was nearly gone from their ’80’s counterparts. Before there is a lot of screaming and before Summer pulls her Ninja tools out, take a side by side comparison of both shows and see what I mean.

  2. says

    Jeff and Briguy,

    We were having some technical issues on the hosting end of things (we managed to nuke a switch in the hosting data center.. WHEE!!)

    Should be resolved at this point so please try again.

  3. Miguel Lopez says

    Brian, the MP3 link says “Service Temporarily Unavailable”. I guess the new switch was nuked again? 😉

  4. Gary from Jacksonville says

    I really enjoyed the interview. Trek was on of my first SciFi loves, and kicking it old school for the end of the year was fantastic.

    I really enjoyed Larry’s update on how Star Trek just fell apart with the shut down of Enterprise, and the Viacom merger, as well the status of Star Trek: The Experience. I miss that place. It’s hard to explain how you be in a place you rarely get to see, and feel right at home.