Slice of SciFi #241: Voice Mail Show

We do want to hear your comments and feedback… No, really, we do! Pay no attention to how much Mike grumbles about them — you know, that guy sitting in the dark corner with all of the blinky lights, the knobs and the scotch.

This week, Mike, Brian and Sam respond to the questions and comments posed by your voicemails, and remember, every time the studio gang responds to your questions and comments, you run the chance of hearing something about your favorite TV show or movie that you might not have wanted to know yet. HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!!

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  1. Greg M says

    Just wanted to let you all know (And you do a fine job with the show) that the Voice Mail show isn’t really downloading properly on Itunes.

  2. Anna says

    Didn’t make it into the song, didn’t make it into the show — guess I’d better donate some more money!

  3. says

    I like the “if you don’t like it, shut the frak up” mentality. I’m so tired of Heroes bashing. I’m also tired of scifi fans being overly critical. I keep saying, “You’re the reason good shows get canceled and they try to play it ‘safe’ with crappy shows that we don’t want to see.

  4. Jayson says

    I’ve called for the cancellation of any show but I’m sorry, “Heros” sucks. It was bad from the beginning and will suck at the end. The whole thing was based largely on hype and not much else. The only comparison I can make to it is that if somehow Michael Bay executive produced a TV series, “Heros” would be it. Stuff blowing up every week and one dimensional characters is not quality TV worth keeping around.

    Btw, there was a series on USA called “The 4400″ which dealt with people who had super powers but it was far more realisitic and simply told better.

  5. says

    Jayson – Yeah but 4400 also fell down REALLY hard in the 3rd and 4th season. So it started strong, like Heroes (imho) and went downhill fast.

    Anna – AWwww! We still love you!