Slice of SciFi #241: Thanksgiving Geeking Out

thanksgivingOn this week’s Thanksgiving Slice of SciFi episode, Mike, Sam, Brian, Bret and Tim talk about all that’s going on in the universe of sci-fi and fantasy television and movies.

Be warned: There could be SPOILERS contained in the discussion of upcoming and current movies as well as the many tv shows we all enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this special episode and we’ll be back with our regular show next week.  Don’t forget that you can call us with your comments on our Voice Mail line!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!

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  1. Cross Knights says

    On fringe, and this is a season one final SPOILER I guess…The building Dr. Bell was in was the world trade center. That showed this pretty clearly so everyone would know that this was a different universe and Bell says this building is only here due to different chooses being made(I think…saw this a long time ago). So that universe is definitely not ours, meaning either the one we see during the show is ours or there are more then one universe and neither is ours (which would be lame.)

    Anyway, I really like this all geeking ep. I think you should do it more often. Twice a year maybe?

  2. Scott says

    You guys were talking Torchwood, and how there would be nothing after Children Of Earth in this episode, but you just reported in episode 240 that there is a 4th season coming. Do you not listen to yourselves, or have they already canceled that?

  3. Andrew McDonald says

    As Arkle said, they actually recorded this the week before episode 240. I was listening live when they did it.

  4. fred says

    Cool show. I think doing an episode like this every other month would work. Kinda figured the show was prerecorded with the Prisoner comments.

  5. Michael Mennenga says

    Yeah… we sure called The Prisoner wrong. Sheesh.
    But I think we even said that it was probably going to bite us in the butt for praising it. LOL