Cerveris Teases “Fringe” Developments

cerverisYou may not know actor Michael Cerveris by name, but odds are if you’re a fan of Fox’s series “Fringe,” you can spot him no matter where he turns up in a scene.

Cerveris plays the mysterious The Observer on the show.  Since the first episode, the mysterious, bald character has cropped up in every episode of the show, giving fans a bit of fun trying to pick him out.

But now that the series is into its second season, Cerveris says producers are starting to delve a bit more into this man of mystery and how he fits into the entrire conspiracy known as the Pattern.

What he has to say about his role could be considered SPOILER material, so if you haven’t seen much of the second season of “Fringe” and/or don’t want hints on upcoming episodes, please turn back now.

Cerveris say that an upcoming episode will delve into the mysterious Observer in greater detail and offer fans some insights into the character.

“It’s not as easy for me to just pop up in the ‘Where’s Waldo’ things anymore,” Cerveris said. “So when I do get used, I get used more now, which is nice.”

He also says that we’ll find out a bit more about the rules he and other Observers have in how they can relate to and interact with the various “Fringe” main cast members.

“We’re going to learn about just how many there are and a lot more about what we’re supposed to do and what we’re not supposed to do,” Cerveris said.

Asked whether or not he knew from the beginning whether he was an enemy or ally to Olivia, Peter and Walter, Cerveris said that wasn’t clear in his first appearance.

“I wasn’t told, because I don’t think they knew at the time, whether I was a good guy, a bad guy, human, alien, other-dimensional,” Cerveris said. “I just kind of felt my way through it with the first directors and input, obviously, from the writers in the scripts that we had. Even things like wardrobe, they weren’t given extremely big instructions, so we kind of worked things out together and just found something we all thought was interesting and iconic and went with that.”

You can find out more as “Fringe” continues it second season on Fox.


  1. Robin says

    Cool. I’ve been having fun playing Where’s Baldo?, but it’ll be great to finally find out what he’s up to. And maybe why his taste buds are so feeble.

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