Slice of SciFi #234: A Conversation with Scream Queen Brooke Lewis

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brooke_lewisIn the News:

  • Comcast is looking to invest in NBC/Universal and take a bigger stake in Hulu.  Find out what this may mean for you.
  • If you’re waiting for a new “Simpsons” movie, it may be a while.
  • A new hand-held television with streaming programming is getting ready to hit the market.

Krazy Joe’s Punch in the Junk: Joe’s back with an all-new junk punch for the new movie review show formerly hosted by Siskel and Ebert for a SPOILER for “Zombieland.”

Movie Talk:

  • The big buzz in Hollywood is the low-budget, high-scares “Paranormal Activity.”
  • “Back to the Future” will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with some sound effects clips. Email your clips to Kurt at sliceoftrivia at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: “Fantasy Island” is coming back…as a reality series.

Interview: This week, we chat with Brooke Lewis, star of many horror films. She is starring in the upcoming “iMurders” that is coming soon to a home-theater near you.

In the Future:

  • Lego Rock Band is coming!
  • George Romero is writing a book about zombies.

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. (Our Voicemail Number: 206-339-TREK). Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!

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  1. Hey guys, any chance of throwing up the vid on the youtube page? That way us o/s listeners/viewers can see it.

  2. I believe Mike is working on something like that but I’m not sure the timeline. Part of the issue with Youtube is the time limit on clips… so it may go up.. but sliced up.

    *BWAHAHAHAAHA!* I crack myself up! ;0

  3. If you mean the live feed vid this OS (Oztraylia) viewer can see the archived copy at Ustream.

  4. Michael Mennenga says:

    YouTube rejected the videos because they were too long. You have to watch them from our Ustream Page.

  5. So Mike… are you going to revive the Slice News Youtube show? ;-^)

  6. Thanks for the heads-up Mr M.

    You guys really need to wear hats or something. I haven’t seen that much forehead since B5 went off the air!! LOL

    Just teasing. You know I love ya!!

  7. Michael Mennenga says:

    Shane…. Yes, but we cannot do it till we get back to the old studio next year. The current studio is too small for the Video News show and all the equipment required to do it. (We have already tried.

  8. Very, very cool. I even went to the website and donated. Which is unusual for me because my attitude is if something is free then by God it’s free. :) But the video sort of made everyone real. Sam is totally hot (Somehow I thought she’d look like Kathy Griffin.?) and it’s neat to put faces to all the voices. Nice job guys.

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