Slice of SciFi #227: Christina Jennings and Craig Olejnik of “The Listener”

Craig OlejnikIn the News:

  • A new study finds the only way to deal with the zombie apocalypse is a rapid, deadly response.
  • A federal court has ruled in favor of Superman’s creators.  Find out how this may impact future movies.
  • Got an extra $10 million?  You could use it to buy an assembled T-Rex skeleton.

Special Segment: What the Cast‘s Brian Richardson updates us on DragonCon.

Movie Talk:

  • The new “Nightmare on Elm Street” is looking to make Freddy scary again.  We’ll tell you more about how they plan to do this.
  • “Kick-Ass” has found a distributor.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with  new clips about robots. Email your clips to Kurt at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: James Marsters has joined the cast of “Caprica.”

Interview: This week, we feature a conversation with “The Listener”‘s Craig Olejnik and producer, Christina Jennings.  Find out more about the show’s origins and how Craig approaches the series.  If you’re not tuning into this great summer series, you will definitely want to see more after this week’s conversation.

In the Future:

  • ABC has given the green light for a pilot based on “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”
  • Reboot rage: This time they’re remaking “Outland.”

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!

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