Slice of SciFi #222: Interview with Josh Keaton (“The Spectacular Spider-Man”)

In the News:

  • The new movie “Zombieland” looks to take a page from “Shawn of the Dead.”
  • To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon, NASA has a new web site the chronicles this historic journey.
  • Tommy Tellarico and Jack Wall are touring the country with Video Games Live! concert.  The concerts are symphonic versions of the soundtracks from your favorite video-games.

Special Segment: Kurt in St. George looks at the next step after a “ViewMaster” movie.

Movie Talk:

    li>Before he passed away, John Wayne worked on a sci-fi movie.  The film was never released and is coming to DVD later this year….
  • We look at how movies are marketed to different audiences across the world.  You’ll be fascinated to find out how “Star Trek” was marketed to our international friends.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with three new clips.   Email your clips to Kurt at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: Once intended as a big-screen film, it looks like Stephen King’s novel “Cell” is headed for television as a mini-series.

Interview: This week, we talk to Josh Keaton.  You might know him better as the voice of Peter Parker and Spider-Man on the animated series, “The Spectacular Spider-Man.”  The series is currently in its second season on Disney XD.

In the Future:

  • Terry Pratchett’s “Going Postal” will be the next DiscWorld mini-series.
  • “Hong Kong Phooey” is the latest live-action/CGI animated feature coming soon…

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Link: Josh Keaton Official Site
Link: We Choose the Moon
Link: Orbiter Sim

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