Slice of SciFi #219: Interview with Erik Jensen (“Virtuality”)

In the News:

  • Buzz Aldrin is back with a trio of new projects, reflecting on his mission to the moon.  Part of it is a book and another part is a rap single with Snoop Dog.
  • While the company believes that its core business model of renting DVDs to customers will continue for at least the next decade, Netflix is looking at life after DVDs.
  • Impressed with the effects in “Transformers: Rise of the Fallen?”  You should be.  They nearly broke the hardware at ILM creating them.

Movie Talk:

  • Director Richard Kelly’s next movie, “The Box,”  will be an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s five page short story, “Button, Button.”
  • American audiences will soon be able to scream to the horrors of “Lake Mungo.”

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with three new clips. Email your clips to Kurt at sliceoftrivia at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: TV Fandex is a new web service that may be a step in the right direction toward providing a measurement system to track fan interest in popular television series

Interview: This week, we talk to actor Erik Jensen, one of the stars of the Ron Moore/Peter Berg project, Virtuality.

In the Future:

  • An interactive museum devoted to the life of Walt Disney will showcase his life and open later this year.
  • Universal Pictures has bought the rights to Larry Doyle’s upcoming novel, “Go Mutants”

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  1. tltrude says

    “Virtuality” sucks! It’s not science fiction, it a fake reality show with science. The actors all suck. I hate the nose-hair-cam way it was done. Its not hard to see how the TV series will end — the ship is on earth and its all fake!

  2. says

    Virtuality ROCKS!
    Wow, tltrude, you shouldn’t watch it if you feel that way. So far, it’s more Sci-fi than Star Wars. Definitely more sci-fi than the new Star Trek movie with their “whatever physics.”

  3. tltrude says

    Ok, the Actors could improve over time, I guess. But, the plot: “11 people and a ghost in a tube for five years”, has very little chance to be more than a soap opera! At least Star Wars and Star Trek had ACTION. This show will be all mental. The small amount of action will take place in virtual reality — without Sci Fi.

  4. says

    Unless we already have visors that can put us in a totally imersive world where we can feel, touch, and smell in addition to seeing and hearing then things that happen in a virtual reality are VERY sci-fi. Also, ACTION is not required for something to be Sci-fi. There are different kinds of action also. Things like suspicion, mystery and exploration can make for a great story without the need for lots of jumping, kicking and lasers. I love Star Wars and Star Trek btw I just meant that while still being sci-fi, they fall more on the fantasy side of the spectrum. So if a certain type of action is what you need then this might not be the show for you but that doesn’t mean it’s not sci-fi. 2001 has very little “action” but everyone would agree that it is sci-fi.

    What I meant by “more” sci-fi was that the science was more feasible (so far writers can still easily drop the ball if it becomes a show). It was refreshing to see a show without artificial gravity and faster than light travel; something more like a trip to another star would really look like for us in the next century which is the kind of show I’ve really been waiting for.