Could “Firefly” Come Back?

In a post on TV By the Numbers, Nick C. raises the possibility that “Firefly” could make a return to the small-screen, either as a series or a couple of TV movies on Fox or NBC.

Here’s what he has to say:

I think from my talks with the people running FOX that they would bring it back under the right circumstances.  However, you must understand that right now Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, and Alan Tudyk (plus he was killed in SERENITY)  all have gigs for the foreseeable future.  However don’t underestimate the power of a movie.  FOX could likely be easily talked into a Movie or two for next season.  They could air after an NFL game or playoff game.  The movies would easily sell on DVD.

The question now falls into rights, but the guys at FOX wouldn’t be alone.  If Universal is now in possession of future rights to projects, NBC or USA wouldn’t mind getting in on the cash opportunity either.  A couple movies shot and made for TV and then released on DVD would be profitable for anyone involved.  At the same time the cast would still be able to keep doing their normal gigs.  Just shoot the movie around their schedules.

A Movie made for TV does a few things.  One it reminds fans of why they love the Brand.  For another it brings new viewer possibilities to the Brand.  A movie could spike the original series DVD and Blu-Ray sales as well as SERENITY sales.  For the network that runs it they find out how viable a Brand it can be.  Is it worthy of bringing back?  The ratings will make the point for them.  I’m betting it would pull a 3.0+ with ease.  Bring in $150k to $220k a spot and for a 2 hour film that is nothing to sneeze at.  Set a budget of $4M for the movie and you’re looking at serious profit before DVD sales ever enter the equation.

All of these are good reasons for Browncoats to have hope that “Firefly” could make a return. However, as a long time “Doctor Who” fan who endured fourteen years of rumors of the series’ potential return at some nebulous time in the near-future, I warn my fellow “Firefly” fans not to get too zealous until we get some official word from Fox, Universal, Joss Whedon, etc.

That said, I would love to see something like this happen and as soon as we have official news, we’ll bring it to you right here at Slice of SciFi.


  1. says

    AHHH! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! I really want this to happen but sometimes I feel like an addict about to break an addiction. Then something like this is dangled in front of my face and I am an addict once again! Going thru withdrawals… must have Firefly… must have shiny goodness…

  2. Anachronite says

    and you guys really need a way to post these stories directly to our facebook wall.


  3. Sika says

    I’m a committed Browncoat, but I’m not sure I would want to see a $4 million dollar Firefly movie. Serenity cost $40 million, and that was a small budget compared to most big movies these days.

    No movie would be preferable to a disappointing one.

  4. Robin says

    Given that half the cast and the creator/writer/director/producer are keeping busy with full-time TV gigs these days, it doesn’t seem likely. I’m sure they’d all jump at the chance to do a movie over the summer hiatus if a studio or network waved a suitable amount of money in front of them, but a lot of stars would have to align in order for that to happen, primarily Joss having the time to actually write a script. Personally, I’m pretty content with what we’ve got unless and until that happens.

  5. Mike says

    I would really love for this to happen but I think everyone is right to be cautious. Do it right or don’t do it at all. Don’t “Crystal Skull” our big damn heroes!

    That said, I would enjoy seeing Steven Brust’s fan-fiction piece produced into a TV movie! Check it, browncoats!

  6. King Kong Blues says

    How about one of those populat reboots of Firefly to bring Wash back? Then there is no worries about the old cast. They can use some red platonium to create an alternate Firefly timeline.

  7. Billy Uno says

    *shrugs* I would welcome it, if it happened, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve loved most of what the cast have been doing since the end of Firefly, Castle in particular, Nathan Fillion plays that role to perfection. (I wanted to like Drive, but I couldn’t get into it… and yet I was still annoyed when it was canceled. Go figure.) I’m looking forward to V, and the Stargate appearances have been fun. Oh, and of course Terminator…. I’m starting to wonder if Summer can play a part that doesn’t require her to look vacant a lot.

    Hm. OH! Yeah, Firefly. I could do with some more of that, I certainly wouldn’t refuse it if they offered it.

  8. ejdalise says

    I wrote this four years ago, shortly after watching Serenity . . .

    I’m going to blasphemy . . .
    . . . I’m not too anxious for Firefly to come back. By this I mean a continuation of the characters and story from the original series in the Firefly verse.

    Before stones are cast, and invectives slung my way, hear me out. There are two big reasons why I say this:

    1) The original was, is, and is likely to remain one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe that characters dynamics, story line, and congruence of other factors can be repeated.
    2) As much as I liked the movie, it did cap the story line. But more important, it changed the dynamics of the characters from the original show, and of course, it killed off a few. While I can understand the reasons for Josh doing what he did (I say that, but not really), I am not willing to take the chance another movie will further alter the universe I’ve come to rely on as an escape from the drudgery of life.

    Those two things combine add up to one big reason. As Firefly has grown in importance to me, I am less willing to risk changes to my understanding and appreciation of the verse. Perhaps Fox actually did us a favor (not intentionally, of course). Perhaps it stopped at the time when the jewel was near perfection. A few more episodes, and there is the chance the jewel might have been marred, as much as enhanced.

    Serenity the movie made me realize that. It scared me. As much as I liked it as a movie, it diminished my enjoyment of the series. Now, when watching the original episodes, I’m always aware two characters are heading toward their eventual demise. The movie made it harder to watch the smiling Wash and caring Book, knowing they are not long for this world.

    It took a little away from my enjoyment of the episodes. I’ve handled it somewhat by compartmentalizing the series and movies as two separate entities, shutting one out when I watch the other, but it’s a poor solution at best.

    As much as I would like another movie, series, miniseries, I dread other changes are in store that might alter my enjoyment of the series . . . because I don’t have confidence Josh has my best interests in mind.

    Serenity showed me that. So no, I don’t want to know what happens to our beloved characters. Play with some new cast, on some new adventure, on another ship, but leave this treasure alone.

    I’ve changed my mind on the last comment . . . anything new would forever be compared to the original. In my opinion, it would never measure up.

  9. says

    There was this scifi author on The Signal once. He brought up an interesting point. What if we were not to focused on bringing Firefly back? What if we focused on new shows inspired by Firefly? What if writers took what they learned from Firefly, made new worlds, new characters? Firefly is the perfect model for how to make a great tv show.

    Of course I’d love more firefly. But, this dude really had a point.

  10. says

    There are plenty of shared ‘verses in science fiction (multiple authors) and some really great series of novels by a single author that have a consistent “history”. There are scads of public domain works waiting for some enterprising fan to get off her ass, take up that underused HD, get the soundman from that garage band and a Mac nerd to burn discs. Do you really think you’d have to pay wannabe actors? There are just as many, if not more, golden age of science fiction fangeezers as there are tv and movie fanfolk. Do you think you’d have a problem getting ideas from them as to which works to plunder for your shiny hyper-indie movie? Send me a disc.

  11. Matthew says

    Every time I finish watching my Firefly DVD box set, I could literally go out and commit cold blooded murder on the idiots who ruthlessly cancelled it. Even up to 2006 the DVD’s were outselling HUGE TV series like Lost and The Simpsons. Yet not a one of these spineless, idiotic men-in-suits will man up and admit they got this one SO wrong. Dollhouse gets a second season and Firefly got cancelled midway through the first? I mean c’mon….don’t make me laugh. In which universe does that make sense?

    Basically those who followed the out-of-order initial airing knew something didn’t add up, and a few switched off. Many more enjoyed it despite the screening order but still knew something was wrong. These same people when watching it in the intended order feel like they’re watching a different show – it clicks every single time. So not only were they wrong to cancel it, they were even more wrong to tell Joss how to do his job. Men-in-suits should stick to what they know, and leave artists like Joss to do their jobs.

    Bring it back now, it will make whoever does it a ton of cash. (and it is sci-fi…Wash could easily come back)

  12. James says

    Keeping the thread alive in hope someone out there gets the ball rolling. Like all the ppl above i too cannot fathom why firefly was ever cancelled. There are so many shows out there now that just don’t deserve to be on the air. After yet another marathon viewing of Firefly on blue ray followed up by Serenity my Wife and i are at a loss and want more…..

    Come on you big wigs pull your fingers out and put firefly on the pedestal it should and always will be.

  13. DeAnn says

    Bring Firefly back already! I understand that it is easier to ask for this to happen then it is to actually make it happen, but FOX needs to get things rolling. Bring It Back! I want to know where the story goes. I want to know what happens to the people. I really miss the entire experience.

  14. Lindsay says

    Serenity is showing for the umpteeth time on cable – to an audience that wishes they could see something original but in the absence of that will watch whatever of Mal and the rest of the crew they can get. Bring back Firefly. We’re waiting.

  15. adam says

    I finished the firefly box set today for the first time,and its got me on the computer at 4 o clock in the am trying to find out how in the hell this show got cancelled,and will it ever be back? They need to do something soon! I cant believe they havent thrown the bank at Joss trying to get this back on the air.

  16. Dausfaul says

    I miss Jayne’s awesomeness, please bring that back, or give him his own show where he just shoots up saloons or something!!!!!!!

  17. George says

    You gotta bring back this awesome show. Just marketing to the browncoats will make money…PLease bring it back!!! Although watching the whole series and the movie over and over still gives me the same pleasure I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ALL THE CHARACTERS. Especially Preacher xD I can’t express my desire for this show to be back on forums!!! :( There is so much potential. Comon FOX, NBC, USA and Sy-Fy!! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! I wub you 4ever if you bring it back 😀

  18. Reuben says

    I love firefly and I realize the problems the movie would pose to bringing back the show but I can think of literally more than 90 (good) ways to continue (and I’m not a person to misuse “literally”). Two of my current favorite shows are CHUCK and Castle but I would gladly sacrifice them for the return of Firefly. Plus I could easily do without V….. Brown coats never die, cause we’re to darn pretty for God to lets us!

  19. Dr. G says

    Addiction is correct…I started to watch the DVD box set with some friends shortly after it was released, and we couldn’t stop watching till we’d seen every little tidbit it had to offer. Here I sit, just having watched it all again for the umpteenth time…seriously, I’m in Med School, and I’m having studying issues thanks to symptoms of Firefly withdrawal.

    Unfortunately, with each year they wait, the legend grows…and the harder it would be to return to the series for fear of ruining it. Arrrgh, d@mn Fox’s short-sightedness!!! I hope you go under!!

  20. Dr Dave says

    There is likely some justifiable concern on the part of the networks on how well a revival of the series would go for the reasons that have been detailed by others. What I don’t understand is why, if the execs are concerned with investing $$$ in seeing whether it would fly this time, they don’t simply re-air the entire series during the summer rerun season of some other show. If they gave it some MINOR amount of promotion, the entire existing Firefly community out here would get the word out to watch it–particularly if they didn’t futz with the ordering of the episodes or anything else to set it up to fail.

    That approach would give them an indicator of whether or not it might be financially viable to look at a relaunch the following season with either a spin-off in the same ‘verse or a renewal of the existing series/cast, while costing them not one thin dime. Hell, they’d probably MAKE money on the deal by re-popularizing DVD purchases among those of us that haven’t already bought the set!

  21. arcage says

    Over a year later since the original post and still, here we are. I really wonder how Fox could ever let this wonderful series go? It’s obvious they didn’t know what they had. Joss / Universal, if you ever read this, know that even as time is passing, you STILL have something here that has promise and a massive fan base. We’re ready to watch more! So stop delaying and make a plan already!

  22. Neo says

    Well this week, for the first time I watched the entire DVD boxed set and LOVED it! I had watched Serenity the movie a few years back, and felt something was missing, but never looked into the firefly series until recently. This has to be one of the best/worst decisions I have ever made. Best because I have discovered a TV series I really enjoyed, which now ranks amongst my favourties, worst because now I desire more and was upset when I reached the last episode. Since then I have looked into and am purchasing the comics, and will certainly rewatch the movie now I understand and appreciate the characters more! Soooo many unasnwered questions, action, potential left in theis franchise in my opinion, but its a long gap,

    8 years now since origional release, I wonder if the origional cast would return. I mean the casting made me love it, I doubt I would return to love it as much if they re casted it…saying that I thought I’d hate each successive doctor who after the previous died, but still ended up enjoying it as much….anyway, I have a feeling my desires to see more of this series will go unsatisfied, although I add one more the the browncoat ranks, I see the numbers deminishing until the fan base just isnt being replenished. Another feature or TV movie could potentially restimulate the series, I mean look at Battlestar Galactica, thier mini movies filled in back stories very successfully, answered plot holes and questions, and made people fall more deeply into the series, why not do that here? answer some of our questions, reveal sheppards past, develop Keeleys relationship with simon, anything. I truly hope this is given another chance, but until then, thank you firefly, truly amazing.

  23. Lou says

    I love anything Joss. I don’t always agree with what he does but in recent years my friends are telling me watch firefly, see serenity. You liked Dollhouse right? You like Buffy, Angel right? Yes, yes we know you hated Dollhouse cause it got picked over Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (don’t hate–watch it!) try it will you? Turns out I had seen a few episodes years and years ago and I didn’t remember the name–which is odd for me. Man only one season? What the hell happened. I agree with the guy above that Serenity did really end a lot of the show (BTW if you’re new and you happen to watch this on netflix via your PS3 yes the fact that there is a movie on there called Serenity and a 86 minute first episode called Serenity it can be confusing! Try watching it ten minutes at a time going back and forth…eventually you realize you can’t tell which comes first LoL) but the ninja/priest/assasin does say I can’t say they won’t still come after you…
    It could happen. The fans are there–what is up with Sci-Fi (I’ll die before I type or say syf_y in the new lame way) not picking this stuff up? I did hear something about this not continuing had more to do with Joss but I can’t be sure.
    If this ever happens whether the story fits or not I’ll so be there.

    Just my thoughts

  24. Leo says

    I’ve been a Firefly Fan for awhile now, I’ve seen all the episodes and I am left with an empty feeling. What’s everyones story? What happens after the movie? What’s with the Reepers and Alliance? And last but not least Why the he’ll was it canceled?!?! Honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and really wish someone would continue this great story. Let’s keep hope alive and continue requesting for the shows return!!

  25. Kyle says

    Just another Browncoat here who, like everyone else with half a brain and has seen any part of Firefly, desperately desires the return of such an amazing show.

    As for the concerns of some people about continuity between the show and the movie, I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees that a continuation of the show wouldn’t have to address the movie one bit. The movie effectively encompasses what could be seen as the entire timeline of the crew of the Serenity; from the breakout of River, to a climactic unveiling of the Alliance’s involvement with the Reavers (not to mention the deaths of key crew members). I believe Joss decided on this approach to the movie so that people who’d never heard of Firefly (such as myself at the time) wouldn’t lose out on the experience, and also to potentially conclude the story, possibly believing it would be the last chance to do so.

    That being said, I believe the show could virtually pick up roughly (if not exactly) where it left off, and not feel so much as a speed bump in the continuity. They could even have a bit of a time gap between the old and new episodes to compensate for aging actors, but I don’t really think it would be necessary. I agree with the person who said the original episodes should first be aired again (and in the correct order for goodness’ sake) before leading into a continuation of the story. This would leave everyone, old and new Browncoats alike, on the same page and ready to continue enjoying the ‘verse and the crew of the Serenity for as long as humanly possible.

    Just another fan’s plea.

  26. Roberto says

    Well, I have been obsessed with Firefly for years although, I have yet to watch the movie (Serenity) as one commenter adroitly put (paraphrase) I don’t want to watch our beloved characters meet their demise.

    But, after a tough day at work or when the bills are piling up or the wife screaming about me watching this show again… and again. I slip into my alternate verse and still enjoy each show as much as I did the very first time I saw it…

    I’ve watched countless TV shows over my lifetime and I’ve felt a little sorrow when a favorite gets cancelled, but I started watching Firefly after its cancellation so I didn’t have to go through that process, now I just focus on the possibility of it returning.

    If the numbers are there and the actors available, there is always a chance…

  27. steve says

    Im glad there are at least interested parties in the firefly universe. Also fans if you think of current world events Firefly may have more interested people than you think. With China actually pushing to make their currency number 1 in the world the likelyhood that the firefly universe may actually happen seems more of a reality nowdays. So mabey we should all learn how to cuss in chinese :) We will just have to wait and see who takes over space.

  28. Meeeeeee says

    When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl, you find someone to carry you. now who’s gonna carry this show back to where it needs to be, on the air making new episodes every week, i would like to see some other network give it a try that’s not fox, they had there chance, and decided they where carrying this shows bullet, i would like too see someone else pick it up when there license for it is up and carry it through many maanny seasons, just to be like FU to fox, but if fox picked it back up i would watch it.. wouldn’t be happy.. we’ll i would but less happy then if another network got their hands on it.

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