Slice of SciFi #205: Interview with Alex Proyas (Director, “Knowing”)

On this week’s show, we celebrate Michael R. Mennenga’s birthday!

In the News:

  • A new research study is examining  how a telltale mental signature predicts whether an experience will be remembered.   We look at what this could mean for you in near future…
  • Popular fantasy authors George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss were supposed to publish new installments of their popular fantasy series this year.   One small problem: they’re still working on them.

Krazy Joe’s Punch in the Junk:  Joe wishes our very own Michael R. Mennenga a happy birthday.

Movie Talk:

  • Director Sam Raimi talks about the future of the “Evil Dead” series.
  • Lionsgate has optioned the rights to Suzanne Collins’ young-adult novel, “The Hunger Games.”

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with three new clips. Email your clips to Kurt at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: Harlan Ellison filed suit against Paramount this week over proceeds from the classic “Star Trek” episode, “City on the Edge of Forever.”

Interview: This week, Summer and Brian talk to director Alex Proyas about his new movie, “Knowing.”  Proyas talks about making Australia look like Boston, working with Nicholas Cage and using new digital technology to create his latest film.

Special Segment: Lejon in Chandler gives us the Top 10 Reason SciFi Channel Changed Their Name to Syfy.

In the Future:

  • Get the chewing gum, pocket lint and paper clips!  “MacGyver” is headed for the big-screen.
  • Octavia E. Butler’s classic novel, “Kindred” will be adapted as a graphic novel.   Publisher Beacon Press sent out a request for a fan artist to illustrate this classic genre novel.

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  1. says

    Hey Cats and Kittens! Thanks so much for giving our show a boost on the Slice of Sci Fi! I was wondering why our numbers just jumped and low and behold when I listen to your latest episode, here it is!

    All the Best,
    Jack and Shannon!

  2. Dave_From_OZ says

    Mikey Mennenga,

    While ‘Beyond’ may be a better name for SciFi Channel, I believe us aussies beat them to it by 20 years. Beyond International, producers of Mythbusters & various others, with offices in Sydney, London, Dublin and Washington might not have liked it.

  3. Steve says

    Thanks for the tip on Patrick Rothfuss’ first book. I picked it up and can’t put it down! I know you guys have a separate show Dragon Page, but I’d encourage the team to do a small book review occasionally when/where appropriate. Great tip! Thanks!