Which Saturn Nominated TV Show (Broadcast TV) Do You Hope Wins?

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  1. Heroes is the only one of these I watch, and I’m also not one of those people who cry “jump the shark” every other episode, so I’m pulling for it.

  2. Lost with Fringe a close second…..that would be my choice, although all those listed would be worthy recipients of the award.

  3. I have to go with Terminator. They’ve been doing some really good episodes this season.

  4. Supernatural is excellent — best wishes to all the series nominated however.

  5. tensaibaka says:

    I’d really love to see Supernatural win, then have Dean (Jensen Ackles) come up to the stage to accept the award while doing his Eye of the Tiger lip sync routine. (Yellow Fever episode ending credits, look for it on YouTube)

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