“Jericho” Returns (In Comic Books)

Good news for fans of “Jericho.”  The series will return to a comic-book store near you.

Devil’s Due Publishing signed a deal with CBS Consumer Products to publish a new comic book series that picks up where the cult-hit television series left off according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“’Jericho’ is alive and well, thanks to the amazing fans who’ve driven us to find new and fresh ways to tell the Jericho story,” said Dan Shotz, co-executive producer of the show. “Josh Blaylock and the DDP team are great partners and have shown a true love for our show. We are so thrilled about this comic book series and the endless possibilities for the future of ‘Jericho.’”

The series will involve producers from the original run of the television series and promises to answer many of the story’s lingering questions.  According to reports, this new comic series is being written with the hard-core fans in mind.

“I can’t tell you how cool it is for DDP to be able to continue the ‘Jericho’ story in comic book form,” says Josh Blaylock, Devil’s Due president. “We plan to give fans the story they’ve been craving. This is going to be epic stuff.”


  1. tensaibaka says

    Yes!….No!…I live in Japan and probably won’t be able to read these…Anybody know a site that can ship comics internationally?

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