Slice of SciFi #203: Interview with Michael Jelenic (Writer, “Wonder Woman” Animated)

In the News:

  • NASA is conducting an on-line poll to name International Space Station’s Node 3.  One of the names in the running is “Serenity.”  If you want to vote, you can by following this link:
  • Video-game icon Max Hazard is back. Wait, you haven’t heard of Max?  He’s the hero of “Eat Lead: The Return of Max Hazard,” a new game that satirized games and gamers.
  • ZillionTV is a new, on-demand set-top device that will allow users to decide what kind of commercials they want to see.  And the device won’t allow you to fast-forward through the commercials.

Movie Talk:

  • Director Christopher Columbus, who brought the first two installments of the “Harry Potter” franchise to the big-screen will direct a new young-adult fantasy series for Hollywood.  The series is “Perry Jackson and the Olympians” and centers on a young man who finds out his father is really the Greek god Poseidon
  • Netflix is doing well.  The on-line ticket reseller is reporting an increase in ticket sales and advertising.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with three new clips. Email your clips to Kurt at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: Combine the procedural aspect of “CSI” with the elimination component of “Survivor” and you have CBS’s upcoming limited-run series, “Harper’s Island.”

Interview: This week, Michael and Brian talk to Michael Jelenic, the writer for DC’s direct-to-home-theater “Wonder Woman” movie.  Mr. Jelenic talks about the all-star voice cast, how he came to work on the project and what fans can expect when you pick up this great new animated movie.

In the Future:

  • With a third season not yet certain, “Chuck” producer Josh Schwartz says the season finale for the spy drama can work as a series finale or a new direction for season three.
  • Threshhold Entertainment has acquired the rights to make Top Cow’s “Aphrodite IX” into a 3-D feature film.

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