“Smallville” Villain Returning?

Could Lex Luthor be coming back to “Smallville”?

Alpha Airlock reports
that with the series’ pick-up for a ninth season, producers are leaving the door open for Michael Rosenbaum to return as Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor.

The big sticking point in the negotiations may come down to the appearance of Lex on-screen. For seven seasons, actor Michael Rosenbaum kept his head shaved for the role. Now that he’s left the series, he’s allowed his hair to grow back. But he might be willing to take the role back on if the series said Lex was wearing a wig or if he could wear a skull-cap.

No word yet on if Rosenbaum would or has accepted or if he’s return in a recurring role or rejoin the cast full time.

However, with current season eight villain Doomsday actor, Sam Witmer, not yet signed for the ninth season, it may be a good time to try and lure back Lex.

At the very least, we need Lex back for one or two episodes to wrap things up.


  1. Dj Magic says

    I can’t wait to see Michael Rosenbaum back to bring his great acting to this beloved villain . I thought he would be a clone of Lex, this is what is seen in the comics.
    Michael could keep his hair . The thing is Lex must come back and Michael is the man for the part.
    – concerned fan

  2. Edward Lee says

    I’m not sure on this one. The show has actually managed to pump some new life into the Supes mythos after a serious lag toward the beginning of this season. I’d hate to see that vibe sacrificed by bringing Lex back aboard as a regular.

  3. Jon says

    I thought that Michael Rosenbaum’s portrayal of Lex was one of the best I’ve seen in terms of television. As for his possible return to the show, I see the idea as more able if he’s a recurring character. After all, he is technically dead in the world, which leaves it open for the new producers to show the more criminal side of Lex, like what’s seen of Lex in the original Superman films and somewhat in Superman Returns. While it would be nice to see Lex back as a regular, his position now is more of an underground crime lord a la Morgan Edge, than a high-rise businessman that he and his father were.
    Personally, I think that this show has moved past being a look at Superman’s younger years, and more of a new spin on the entire series. With Clark now at the Daily Planet working with Lois, things are turning more towards the film era. And with these new producers, I would find it likely that they will have Lex Luthor return, whether as a recurring or regular character. Either way, more of the diabolical Lex, such as seen in Onyx and the more recent Requiem, is a must for the ninth season.

  4. Hallie says

    i really hope they bring michael rosenbaum back as lex luthor!!!
    hopefully he will shave his head because he looks great like that and hair always grows back
    i absolutely LOVE lex’s character

    maybe they will make him have amnesia and he will think that he and clark are friends or something like that but whatever they decide to do i really hope they bring him back AS A REGULAR

    the show isnt the same without him!!!!

  5. LEXMESS says

    I will not be a satisfied (AVID) Superman/Smallville Fan if Rosenbaum dosent return….He was the Best Lex Luthor Ever….Period! Just as Tom Welling is to Clark. Come Back!!!!


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