No “Tin Man” Series…Yet.

Actor Neal McDonough created a few waves last week when he told reporters that he’d be interested in reprising his role as Wyatt Cain from the popular mini-series “Tin Man.”

“I had the great fortune to play Wyatt Cain in Tin Man, and that could have been my favorite performance of anything I’ve ever done,” McDonough said. “That was a character that was really close to me. … I would certainly like to back and visit a guy like Wyatt Cain again, whether it’s the series, which we’ve talked about, or just to explore. … My characters, the characters that I like to play, are in the gray area. I think we all live in a gray area. … So to go back and play someone on the nicer side of life, I think that’s the next thing I’m going to do.”

Fans of the mini-series immediately began to speculate that a series order could be on the horizon, along the lines of “Battlestar Galactica,” which also started as mini-series and then became a regular series.

However, fans shouldn’t hold their breath on a green light coming any time soon. SciFi executive vice president of original programming Mark Stern said that while discussions have taken place, there is no order yet for a series.


  1. D. C. says

    C’mon Skiffy, pick it up! Otherwise, Zoey Deshanel is going to take her gigantic eyes and make The Happening II.

    And nobody wants that.

  2. tegan says

    I think it would be great if they did a series. I’m sure the Zooey and Alan would go along with Neal’s idea to go with a series because they had a lot of fun doing the mini-series… why not a full series? so, all I have to say is “make it a series” and I hope to see it on the TV one day soon.

    and if so, hopefully Glitch won’t get his brain back, too long of a time and too much damage to the cerebellum.

  3. zork II says

    It was just awful.

    A lot of potential in the premise (or rather multiple premises), but ruined by piss-poor direction — that’s the only explanation for the fact that EVERY actor in this woebegotten teleplay seemed to be reading their lines under the influence of a narcotic.

    And the lines they should’ve been putting some, er, acting, into were also dreadful — some good storyboarding here, but terrible, terrible writing.

    For a low budget, though, the sets, imagery and photography were very good.

    Too bad overall…. I really wanted to like this one.

    Oh, and the Lost Room, mentioned above by a few fans… YES, that was a FAR more interesting series, and I really wish they’d do something with it, although it seems unlikely. That had a brilliant, original premise, pretty good direction, strong actors… and a slightly miscalibrated script. But still in the top percentile of “syfy” offerings, and one they should have run with…

  4. Glitchie says

    I just hope that Neal McDonough and Alan Cumming reprise their roles. I read an article ages ago where McDonough said he would if not doing Desperate Housewives, and now he’s not. Come on Syfy!

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