“Heroes” Gets a Reboot

If you’ve been driven away by the past season and a half of “Heroes,” creator Tim Kring wants you to come back when the show comes back later this year.  Kring recently told TV Guide that the next installment of NBC’s series “Fugitives” will serve as a reboot for the struggling series and it designed to win back fans who turned away and to draw in new fans.

“This volume starts us pretty much from scratch,” Kring said. “There is almost nothing that the audience needs to know from the previous volume in order to follow the storyline.”

The series, once a hit for NBC, has struggled creatively and in the ratings the past season and a half. It has struggled so much that NBC didn’t give the series an early renewal vote of confidence earlier this week. Several other shows including “30 Rock” and “The Office” were awarded new seasons.

Angela Bromstad, NBC’s president of primetime entertainment, said Thursday that the show was “very secure.”

Bromstad said she’s talked with Kring about whether the show has strayed too far from it’s original focus: ordinary people dealing with extraordinary powers.

“They may have taken on too much in terms of characters and multiple storylines,” she said.


  1. Edward Lee says

    Kring is just getting stranger and stranger in how he approaches the fans and his own show. Suggestion: maybe a new show-runner.


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