Matt Smith Is The Eleventh Doctor

And the new Doctor is Matt Smith.

A special “Doctor Who Confidential” announced 26-year old actor Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor today.  The announcement brings to  an end nine weeks of speculation on who would inherit the role when David Tennant regenerates next year.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise.  Smith’s name had not been one of those rumored to be taking the role in recent weeks. Rumored contenders for the part included “Survivors” star Paterson Joseph, James Nesbitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Smith is the youngest actor to play the role of the Doctor.

“I’m just so excited about the journey that is in front of me. It’s a wonderful privilege and challenge that I hope I will thrive on,” Smith said in a BBC press-release.  “David Tennant has made the role his own, brilliantly, with grace, talent and persistent dedication. I hope to learn from the standards set by him. The challenge for me is to do justice to the show’s illustrious past, my predecessors, and most importantly, to those who watch it. I really cannot wait.”

“I feel proud and honoured to have been given this opportunity to join a team of people that has worked so tirelessly to make the show so thrilling,” Smith added.

“The Doctor is a very special part, and it takes a very special actor to play him,” said producer Steven Moffatt. “You need to be old and young at the same time, a boffin and an action hero, a cheeky schoolboy and the wise old man of the universe.

“As soon as Matt walked through the door, and blew us away with a bold and brand new take on the Time Lord, we knew we had our man,” Moffatt added. “2010 is a long time away but rest assured the 11th Doctor is coming – and the universe has never been so safe.”

The BBC kept the secret under wraps for weeks and is said to have made the decision over the Christmas holidays.  The special episode of “Doctor Who Confidential” was aired not only on television screens across the UK, but also broadcast live on BBC Big Screens.

Smith’s previous work includes “Secret Life of a Call Girl” with former companion Billie Piper,  “Party Animals,” and the upcoming “Moses Jones.”


  1. Kevin says

    OK. I must say that no matter who they get to play the role, I will watch, but he does appear a bit odd looking. I did not initially like Catherine Tate either but she grew on me as a viewer. I do worry about the role, but even if this is a cost saving measure, I want the role to go on, and keep the Doctor alive. Good luck to him, and maybe he will stay in the role longer than the others did and that he does not worry about being typecast.

  2. Isabel Guymer says

    He’s too young. I hope that the new companion won’t be a silly little girl. I think Steve Moffat may have blown it with this one. The Doctor is supposed to be a man that people look up too, not a young boy. I was hopeful that Catherine Tate would return, but she wouldn’t balance with this new Matt Smith. I hope the producers know what they’re doing, because Iv’e got a bad feeling about this. The Master wouldn’t be in his prime with a young Doctor either, and it is important to keep the Master in the series.
    Freema was very wrong for the series, and ruined it for the fans. She also ruined the Master story, so I was hoping for a glorious return. David, why did you leave! Steven Moffat, think about the whole Doctor Who picture – he’s nearly 1000 years old with the wisdom to go with it. Can’t be played by anyone younger than David. Peter Davison even admitted that he was too young.
    Perhaps this will end up as another Sylvester McCoy fizzer….. Yuck.

  3. lupining says

    I think he will be quite good. I watched that masterpiece theatre with him and billie piper. he is a good actor. I will certainly miss David Tennant though :(

  4. DJ says

    I don’t know anything about him, so I have to go by the fact that I trust the Doctor Who crew. They wouldn’t bring on anyone they thought couldn’t fill the role.

    Besides, we all know what happens to Doctor’s who don’t measure up, don’t we? (Poor, poor Colin Baker. He was never given a real chance.)

  5. pj says

    i think that all the fans of dr who are just worried that matthew smith will be a dreadful addidtion to the series, if this poor man does mess up though it would mean a decline in viewers which would lead to a possible cancellation of the show, but the thing i think most people are worried about is the fact that if his doctor is truely terrable he would still be added to the mythology of the show and remain their for ever.

    for the sake of the public and probably for the saftey of matthew smith a non-cannon pilot episode for season 5 should be shown in the midst of 2009 so we can judge for ourselves if he’s doctor who material.

  6. says

    I really hope he does well to prove all the naysayer wrong. I didn’t like Tennant untill about halfway through his first series. Now I think he has been one of the best.

    @Isabel Guymer
    Why do you think Freema was a bad choice or do you just mean the charactor?

  7. Ami says

    I DONT LIKE HIM! i want him to go away
    he looks smelly and incapeable of anything good
    he looks like a big smelly emo who loves twilight (even tho its stupid) and i want him to not be the doctor :(
    i so totallt agree with Isabel Guymer, martha was terrible..rose had just left and she genuinely love the doctor and suddenly the same story line was being played again! silly moffat
    i dont like him, he cant write. ive forgotten all of season 3 it was that bad! i like the old doctors so much better too..chris and david were alright (the acting was better lol) but this guy is no good…take him back *sulk*

  8. glenn kirkaldy says

    no no no no no…what are they thinking. this is going to kill doctor who for ever. what is going through somebodys mind to make them think that this sqweeky little poncey haird puffter can play the part of a 900 year old time lord. i am depressed.. i was so looking forward to steven moffats writing as well. but naw i can see that we will be getting more sloppy love crap and a time lord that no one can relate to. matt smith has got to be the worst choise for this part ever. i wouldnt even have cast him as the doctors assistent. i am afraid that in 2010 when david tenent hangs up his sonic screwdriver thousands of fans all over england will turn over and watch enything else thats on.

  9. Doctor Dude says

    Hope you don’t stick around too long Smith!!!
    This is the worst casting choice they could have ever come up with for new Doctor – not helped by the fact that every time Matt Smith cropped up on Confidential i wanted to hit him in the face. He comes across as pretentious and smug and in my opinion really doesn’t fit the character of the Doctor.
    After months of been teased about top draw actors taking over the role, especially the Next Doctor David Morrissey rumour, who would have been amazing as the Doctor and really done the part justice we have a freaky looking kid who i really can’t believe in as the Doctor.
    I can safely say as far as i’m concerned the series has gone on an extended hiatus and i won’t be watching any of the 2010 series onwards until the Eleventh Doctor is thankfully killed off and we get a half decent Twelfth Doctor!
    The only plus would be if in his regeneration story the Eleventh Doctor has a tragic accident making him regenerate into the Twelfth in his debut story.
    This casting has just ruined the fantastic character of the Doctor and spat in the face of Doctor Who’s impressive legacy. Thanks!!!

  10. says

    I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t go with James Nesbitt – he was absolutely brilliant in JEKYLL and a great actor.

    I’ll give this guy a shot though. Except for the episodes Russell T. Davies wrote, the Doctor Who crew hasn’t really let us down yet.

  11. David says

    For all those who think it’s a wrong casting choice, remember all the James Bond Fans were against Daniel Craig even before seeing a single frame of film. I for one am looking forward to his performance.

  12. tlsmith1963 says

    I’ll try to give Matt Smith a chance, but he isn’t really my idea of what the Doctor should be like, either. I hope Matt proves me wrong, because I’m pretty sad that David Tennant is leaving & if Matt is good in the role also it will make the transition easier for me.

  13. Marieke says

    I am very sorry David Tennant is leaving, I find him absolutely fantastic! Love his big eyes and his eccentric, energetic personality. I really don’t know how anyone could be better or even as good. Being Dutch I don’t know this Matt Smith, but I suppose we have to wait and see.

    I wish Dutch televison would show Dr Who again. We have no access to videos on the website or Dr Who Confidential and I missed the X-mas special through a video programming error. :-( Have to find someone who did tape it, I suppose.

    Marieke, The Netherlands

  14. Ade Akinboyewa says

    i think Tennant is the best dr.. but it is difficult to do a series like thar beyond 4yrs.. unless it is altered.. think of all the series.. LIKE CHARLIE JADE.. DRESDEN FILES.. where the action is really focused on a single entity( THE DOCTOR).. SO i am going to give MATT SMITH a chance.. incidentally i do like CHRIS ECCLESTONES STINT..( and jon pertwee’s dr).. i think the music and special effects have improved so much.. as to negate the impact of the actor.. .. also i think they need to appeal to a wider world wide audience.. so going for somebody like that is good.. the companion will be an interesting choice..

  15. Phil Whittaker says

    Have to pull you I’m afraid, Isabel Guymer – Freema has been the best companion in “new” Who, leagues ahead of I-can’t-help-it-I-have-to-play-it-like-a-sketch-character-Tate. Series Three was the best of the “new” Who (Blink, Human Nature, the Master) by a country mile (ok, I’ll give you Turn Left. That’s it.) . I mean, with all due respect, are you crazy in the coconut?!
    The new guy may well look “too young”, but I strongly suspect that someone of Moffat’s pedigree is perfectly aware of the script opportunities this provides (the bad guys horribly underestimating the Doctor’s abilities, Sarah Jane exasperated that he just keeps getting younger whilst everyone else ages, the Doctor’s depression over the same point etc.). Everyone seems to be forgetting that Matt will be playing a character who is well over 900 years old – appearances are deceptive etc. By the logic of all the naysayers on this thread, anybody younger than William Hartnell (i.e. all of the Doctors) should never have been given a chance because he was playing a “younger” version than any of them.
    This is a choice that is based on acting talent (and bodes well for the seriousness with which the new team are approaching Season 5), rather than the reactionary mindset of all the idiots who would rather have seen Alan Davies, Bill Nighey(sp?) or, ohh, I dunno, Paul Daniels in the role.
    Get a life.

  16. Toni says

    Freema as Martha was a great companion, and if you think she ruined the show (and that Sylvester McCoy was a fizzer), then I will have to go opposite of you and give Matt Smith a chance. Martha was so good, and had better chemistry with Tennant than Billie Piper did (I loved Piper with the Ninth Doctor, but didn’t think she fit with the Tenth). And Sylvester McCoy was a great Doctor. Daffy but deadly serious underneath. And Ace as the “proto-Rose” (thank you, Den of Geek), was a fantastic companion.

    I’ll give Smith a chance. Doctor Who isn’t just about the Doctor, it’s about the stories.

  17. Lex says

    He looks rather like Rob Pattinson so one has to wonder if the trend in casting now is going to head toward the young, weak looking, pretty boys who bat their eyelashes a lot and call it acting.

  18. sadiestardust says

    Some of you keep going on about how it’s ridiculous to have a twenty-six year old play the 900+ year old Doctor. But tell me, how exactly does that differ from thirtysomething year old David Tennant playing the part? For christ sake, if you compare their ages to the Doctor’s ‘real’ age, they’re both babies! I’m convinced that there are actors even younger than Matt Smith that could pull this role off. Too bad that a lot of people seem to think that: younger age = less talent.

    I hate to see Tennant go, and the revelation that Smith is going to be the next one was a bit of a shocker to me, I must admit. But I haven’t yet seen what he is capable of, acting-wise. And I think most people that complain about him being the Eleventh Doctor haven’t either. So let’s see what he can do before ruining it for ourselves in advance.

    And about the fact that he looks slightly emo: I really can’t get over the fact that people find that even remotely relevant! He’s an ACTOR. They don’t always look the same all the time… o_O

  19. TallGrrl says

    I won’t diss the pick outright because I don’t know the guy. If he can act, I’m in.
    I do wish it’d been David Morissey, though. I saw the Christmas Special and I thought he was wonderful. (I would’ve REALLY loved to have Chewy Ejiofore as The 11th Doctor. Ah well….)
    I do hope the Companion is older than Smith, though.
    If I want to watch a bunch of kids, I’ll watch The Sarah Jane Adventures.

  20. Savalon Glib says

    Sylvester McCoy fizzer?
    That would be the criticaly aclaimed RSC actor Sylvester Mccoy.
    The only actor before David Tennant to usurp Tom Baker from his Place as
    favorite Doctor in the DWM Yearly poll.
    The Doctor who took center stage in Ghost Light, which the prestigious newspaper the Indiependant clamed was the greatest Doctor Who Story in 30 years?
    Sylvester Mcoy who singlehandedly made Seasons 25 & 26 the most admired since Season 16 at the hight of Doctor Who’s popularity?

    I love the way some fan’s asume that because they personaly don’t like something,then that automaticaly makes it a fact.

    And as for Matt Smith, lets give him a season before we bury him ok?

  21. Holly says

    I have read over everyones comments and agree with many of them.
    I am so upset David Tennant is leaving.
    This Matt Smith dude, I cant judge him just yet but I cant help but want to throw him in the corner and not even try to like him he just does not seem to suit the part and I cant imagine why he was casted as the new Doctor. There are a few comments such as not wanting to watch a bunch of young people but we all have to remember as Doctor Who fans that the Doctor gets younger with every regeneration. They had to cast him younger.
    I will try to give this new Doctor a shot, I will deffinatley miss the lovley David Tennant, and his great looks! The producers have to remeber 1/3 watch Doctor Who for the great eye candy we get! David Tennant is just.. impeccable :):)

  22. says

    noooooo. I want Lenny Henry! He’s too old to play Bond now but he’d be a great Doctor. I’m sure the new kid will do fine. Hoped he tones it down a bit fromTennant.

  23. says

    So many argument threads, so little time….

    For fulfilling the role of what (I think) a Dr Who companion should be, Donna has come the closest of any of the modern Who companions. That said, I still like Martha better simply because Frema had a better on-air chemistry with David Tennant. But I didn’t like the whole “Martha has the hots for the Doctor” angle that felt a lot like Rose-light.

    In terms of being a friend who travels with the Doctor, Donna filled the role admirrable and did a great job. I just don’t like where the story took her in the end. But that’s a criticism I have with the writing style of Rusell T. Davies more than anything. He’s just not that GREAT a writer. He has good ideas, but he just doesn’t really explore them like he should….

    As for McCoy, I think you’ll find that his era is a fairly divisive one within the Dr Who fan community. I like him a great deal–he’s my favorite Doctor of all time for the work on season 25 and 26 alone. But there are some fans who don’t like him and are will vitriolically tear you a new one if you admit you like him. McCoy did a good job in the role, primarily because the series got new blood at script editor. The new script editor had an idea of what he wanted the show to be and whether you liked it or not, the series followed his vision. Now whether or not there was a Cartmel Masterplan, I won’t debate here….

    Finally, while I’m wary of Matt Smith as the new Doctor, I’m still going to watch. New Who fans may not understand, but older Who fans know that EVERY time a new Doctor comes in, it’s forecast as gloom and doom and the “but he’s replacing my favorite guy and it will never be the same.” If you look at Doctor Who over its entire run, you’ll see that it’s a very static show, never staying the same for more than a few seasons at a time. So the fact that it’s doing something new and could be changing is welcomed by me. Maybe Smith will fall on his face, but maybe he’ll be just as brilliant if not more so than all other ten actors who have played this role over the years…

  24. says


    I have to agree with you. For those who have been Who fans for so long knows this happens every time the Doctor changes. I do also remember the out cry when Tennant was announced.

    Same thing when Peter Davidson took over from the ever popular Tom Baker. I think we should just give Matt Smith a chance. If he sucks, then be critical. We have not seen one frame of him yet. How can anyone be truly objective here?

    As far as McCoy, it is a shame he has not received the respect he deserves. I really think that has more to do with the script writing of the era than the actor. (Also, the BBC seemed to give up on the show at that time.) Same thing with Colin Baker…..

    However, if you listen to the Big Finish Productions of Doctor Who with Colin Baker and McCoy, they are really good. (As well as number of other past Doctors.)

    Just my opinion, I think the Big Finish audio really shows what these two actors could have done with the role if the BBC didn’t seem to give up on the show from that era.


  25. Jacqui says

    My there are some petulant babies out there. I have been a fan of Dr Who since the Troughton era and to my mind every actor has had their merits, even Colin Baker, who I took a while to warm to, (but that was because I was irritated by his character in “The Brothers”).

    Steven Moffat is one of the best writers on the tv, so everybody just put down your rattles, stop the tantrums, and put a bit of trust in his casting.

  26. says

    i like matt smith he looks like the doctor and i can picture him in all the situations 9 and 10 were in and how many of you have seen him in any outher majoy rolls all your judging on is a 10 min interview wait till you see him in an episode and a lot of people here need to get over the fact that david tenant is gone (sorry if all the above sounds like im moning but its true) the one thing i dont like is the fact that we are going into a doctor who restart with a new doctor new assitant new producer all at the same time in my opion this could be a bad thing but cant wait to see how it turn out

  27. Richard says

    For goodness sake give the man a chance. As a loyal Dr. Who viewer from the States, I think he looks like the type of actor who may open new possibilities for the character.

  28. Tian roberts says

    It is always hard when someone “becomes” the role as much David Tennant did. His Genuine Love for the role spilled over into the character and makes it hard for anyone who loves the series to imagine another actor being as commmited to the role. But the longevity of the show has been partly the new life each actor has brought to the role. David’s more intellectually sarcastic cheeky take was a big departure from the more cerebal Christopher Eccleston’s doctor. and even though my gut instinct says this was not good timing for a departure and more to due with internal changes.Major changes behind the camrea and then a new doctor and new companion .
    It is still only fair to give Matt a chance. as was posted before this does offer many interesting new storylines in which he addapts to his younger appearance both positive and negative could be very entertaining. time will tell…

    THOUGH IF I WERE AN EXCUTIVE I WOULD FIND ANOTHER VEHICLE FOR DAVID TENNANT. His charisma, talent , humor, and “eye candy” appeal will be sorely missed!!!

    best of luck to David and Matt in their futures.

  29. Tovah says

    My initial impression is the same as everyone’s. He’s too young. But lets be honest. Fans are the most reluctant to change. The show needed a brooding emo doctor cosidering the emotional state the doctor was in. The role is larger then anyone and the legacy carries on. I don’t think anyone liked David Tennant when he appeared in 90’s pop punk converse bubblegum enthusiasm, but he grew into the role. Give the guy a chance! Bully for you Mike Smith.Though I do think its high time for a black doctor.

  30. becky says

    Well i for one am going to give matt a fair chance, i wasn’t terribly keen on chris at first but i have seen the whole first series since then and realised how udnfair i was to judge before ever seeing him in the role and he was fab, my fav doctor was always the third one and he was always my idea of what the doctor should look like so anybody younger worried me at first, well now david tennant is my fav and i will miss him in the role, but im hoping that matt can do a good job, the fact is that the doc can be any age and look like anyone its not about how young the person who plays him is its about whether that person can be believable in the role true dr who fans will give him a fair chance before dissmissing him, every doctor so far has bought something unique to the role, and so peter davidson said who was to young had anyone maybe thought that he may just not have been ready or right for the role and he used his age to mask that and any of his failings, just cos matt is young dosn’t mean he’s not right or ready for the role give him a fair chance before you judge him i for one am looking forward to seeing what unique things he brings to the role goodluck matt and i will miss you david xx

  31. Chirstie McBride says

    I think that Matt will be a great doctor who. Remember its not about the new doctor becoming or acting like the old one, its about each new doctor bringing something fresh and new to the part. I beleve Matt Smith will do just this. It also gives a whole new take on the doctor because now he will be a young man having to deal with a 900 year olds burdens. I have looked at some clips where Matt is acting and I think he is a great actor and every one should stop being so negitive towards him saying that he has not got enough expeariance to play Doctor Who.
    I know every one is upset about David leaving, and I will really miss him, I think he is brill! Doctor Who will now, more than ever, apeal to the younger genarations.

  32. Miranda says

    OK this i mean maybe he will be funny but as of right now unless he has a less dorky looking costume i really don’t know if i will be able to stand him. He is really odd looking and i don’t think he will be a good fit. Hopefully i he will only be around the one season. I watched his interviews and saw the pictures of his costume and i find him really creepy and in the pictures he doesn’t look charming or handsome or even funny like the last two were. Its plain disappointing!

  33. Ally says

    As the younger generation, he just makes me want to stop watching the show right now. he is really weird looking and find him really strange in the interviews and frankly his smile just creeps me out. They should have made the kid who played son of mine the new doctor like the were considering. Sorry but i don’t know, i hope he his funny cause that is the only thing that might make me continue to watch.

  34. Konrad says

    Great… you know, just because poor David Tennant became eye candy for a bunch of stupid teenage girls doesn’t mean the reputable Doctor Who fans are dying to see an anorexic, emo, pretty-boy Doctor to replace him.

    I love Tennant, he was amazing, but I was sincerely hoping the next Doctor would eliminate the “OMGZ sOOOOO HAWT” crowd.

    Matt Smith, I’ll try my best to give you a chance but I swear to God you better deliver.

  35. Linda Humphries says

    I think the choice of Doctor is a big mistake and I think as the ratingsdrop we will loose the show again. I have watched the Sarah Jane Adventures just out of interest and because David Tennant made an appearance in it and the show is most definitely a childrens show and I feel that now Dr Who will be reduced to the same level. We have seen the same monsters in Sarah Jane as Dr who and to be quite honest they looked like actors in costume on the way to the set and not a bit thrilling or scary. It will be a shame to loose Dr Who again as it has become cult adult viewing now but I am pretty sure that this is going to happen.

    Very sad as there are so few adult viewing sci-fi programmes left. If this Doctor regenerates will he come complete with a nanny to change his diapers????

  36. Mitch from Omaha says

    Ok, Linda. Could you be a little more ageist there? So this actor is young. So what? You’re automatically discounting the entire series without having seen even one second of this actor playing the character. We’ve had ten men (and a few others) playing the character over the past five decades. Each one has brought something new and different.

    There was a lot of nonsensical uproar when Eccleston left, usually either about his weight (being super thin), his teeth, or about him being known as that freak from Harry Potter. And yet here we are, and the same people who were crying about the sky falling then are doing it all over again now. Same verse, same as the first.

    Give him a chance. Have an *informed* opinion.

  37. The 8th Doctor's the best! says

    Well, in my opinion, Paul McGann, as the Eighth Doctor, in the movie, he was the best. He had the wisdom and dress sense of the classic Time Lord, yet brought on a refreshing flourish of a young, dashing, handsome man with wavy hair, and comical remarks. Chris Eccleston and Dave Tennant grew from McGann. Personally, i’d love to see the ginger (Tennat wanted to be a ginger) Damian Lewis in the role, except he is a little old and saved for American TV. In my opinion, Matt Smith looks like there’s something wrong with him, and personally, i’d like to hit his ugly, odd-nosed, stupid emo face. And to put a young kid in an old man’s tweed jacket and bowtie is just odd. I doubt i’ll like the next series, and will miss David Tennant’s indie pop-esque stripy suit, converse trainers, and cool Londoner personality. I have grown to love the 10th Doctor, and the 9th, but i think Smith may just try to copy Tennant’s acting, or do something else stupid. I agree with Doctor dude, that the producers have got a screw lose, and this decision may spit in the show’s face. I have a very strong feeling viewing figures will drop, drop, dropety-drop-drop… but i’m waiting to see paul McGann again.

  38. The 8th Doctor's the best! says

    This new Doctor looks as if he’s a bit “silly” over the role, getting over exited and childish over a role. If this affects his acting, which i suspect it will, Moffat’s got a pretty big problem, as viewing figures will drop to the floor! I certainly won’t watch anymore, as i’ve now got some stupid kid being silly and giggly all over the screen, trying to act a little like the eccentric Tennant in his latest series, but messing it up. It’s time to grow up, Doctor Who. Let’s keep him youthful, but not too young, and show a little of that William Hartnell-Sylvester McCoy wisdom, shall we?
    Doctor Who Producers: Noooooooooooooooo!!! We want to appeal to kidssss! We want to irritate parents!! We want to spoil the lives of 1960’s Doctor Who fanatics! Let’s trash the decades-old legacy of Doctor Who, and make sure we wreck it for everyone, and stamp it into the ground!!!!!!!!!!
    I ask you, where’s Rowan Atkinson when you need him?!

  39. Paul says

    Matt is too young to play The Doctor..he looks strange and he can not have been a Doctor of Theology more like a boy still doing his G C S E’s . Will he have a play penn in The Tardis? And Donna Noble could be his baby sitter. Poor move..can not wait till the 12th Doctor.

  40. EmJsquared says

    I think people are very quick to judge, what basis does the argument, “Matt Smith will suck!” have? Give the guy a chance, I absolutely love David Tennant, both as The Doctor, and as an actor, but I am also very excited to see what direction Matt Smith takes the show, his age shouldn’t be an issue if his acting is up to scratch, and personally, I feel a younger actor will bring a different energy to the show overall.

  41. EmJsquared says

    And just as a by the way, anyone who wants Jimmy Nesbit as a Doctor is sorely deluded, I for one could not listen to that accent for 5 minutes let alone 45, and i’m from Northern Ireland.

  42. Sean says

    This comments section is hilarious. Lighten up. None of us have seen him in this role! We did not cast him, we did not see his auditions, get over yourselves. Those who have decided that the show is on a hiatus, in the words of David Tennant (the TENTH doctor not ONLY doctor), I have only one thing to say to you…… BYE!

  43. Mia says

    I just saw the new ep. Was epic. He is great.

    How cares if he’s younger!? He is good at acting and has that “flair”, he is epic and awesome (:

  44. Lin says

    just finished it, I was so surprised, I LOVED him as the doctor. I was really worried but I’m happy I gave him a chance, it was worth it. Now I just need to get used to Amy Pond, not quite sure if I like her yet, I definitely DON’T want another love interest for the Doctor though.

  45. *T* says

    I know it’s shallow and I’m offended by myself for feeling it, but he’s just so very peculiar looking, that I really don’t enjoy looking at him. He looks like there’s something wrong with him. He’d be perfect though for Frankinstein’s Monster – and think of the positives, they’d save a fortune in make-up!!

  46. Alfwarbic says

    Nothing personal and I’m sure Matt is a very pleasant person but he’s just not the guy to play Doctor Who…He could carry on for the next millenium and all I’d ever see is someone that doesn’t suit the role. Daniel Craig is a superb actor but doesn’t look like James Bond. Now Tom Baker was brilliant and perfect for the part…………….

  47. LM says

    I have now watched the first three episodes starring Matt Smith and this last one was enough for me. This is up there with the worst of the Dalek stories ever.

    My god what has the BBC done – all that good work since the relaunch is lost with Matt Smith and also the dumb girl of an assistant. I was really hopeful when the Don’t Blink writer was to take over the reigns but now he is rivaling John Nathan-Turner with the destructive contribution he is making. Mark my words, unless things dramatically improve with the quality of acting for starters the ratings will drop and we know what happens then don’t we !!

    Call me crazy, but that Hammond guy off Top Gear would do a better job.

  48. Hilary says

    I had my doubts when Matt Smith was announced but I reserved judgement and gave him the benefit of the doubt until I had at least seen a few episodes. However, I have now watches 6 episodes and he really cannot act, I think we were all spoilt with David Tennant’s professional approach (OK – sometimes a little over the top but at least he could handle emotion) . Matt lacks depth, range and experience. I hope that he is replaced soon

  49. udamdirtyape says

    I felt Matt Smith looked wrong for the role from the minute they announced him as the next doctor; to young. Now that I’ve watched ten episodes, I can honestly say that I am thoroughly disappointed in the entire season so far, and not just in Matt Smith, in everything. The writing, the acting, dialogue, All shite. They should forget marketing and demographics and just make a good show, like they used to… Why is every show ending with some sort of race against time to save the universe? Why have they stayed on Earth so much? Why did they redesign the Daleks? WHY?

  50. MaH says

    Not sure about Matt, just doesn’t seem right. But how about David Hewlett as Dr number 12, yes he may have a Canadian Accent and is an American citizen now, but he was born in Redhill, Surrey so is technically English, and they could use the accent as a bit of humor after the regeneration, ‘Hmmm new teeth,,,,oh no, I’m an American’

    I don’t mean that as an insult to our USA cousins , just a bit of humour ;o)


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