Slice of SciFi #186: Interview with Cristine Rose (“Heroes”)

Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

In the News:

  • What does the future of IMAX technology hold? IMAX president and chairman Greg Foster gives a hint on where and how he sees IMAX expanding.
  • “Quantum of Solace” is shattering box-office records across the world.  It opens in the United States next Friday.

Krazy Joe’s A Punch in the Junk: This week Joe risks Summer’s wrath by giving a Punch in the Junk to J. Michael Straczynski for agreeing to update “Forbidden Planet.”

Movie Talk:

  • Essential Pictures has purchased the film rights to Diana Gabaldon’s popular “Outlander” series.
  • Universal Pictures came out on top to bring the big-screen adapation of EA’s “Dante’s Inferno” to life.  The deal is unique because the game is still in development.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George gives us clips with the theme “Bad Girls of SciFi.”  Email your clips to Kurt at sliceoftrivia at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: What happens next for “Heroes” with in the wake of Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander’s termination?

Interview: Speaking of “Heroes,” the gang chats with actress Cristine Rose, who plays the matriarch of the Petrelli family, Angela.  Cristine talks to the Slice of SciFi cast about her character’s growth this year, the secrecy of the scripts and offers a few hints of where “Heroes” may be headed next.

Future Talk:

  • The Addams Family are headed for Broadway.
  • Directors Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are working to get a “Tintin” trilogy on the fast track.

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  1. fred says

    Excellent interview. Her bit about her scene with Sylar being displaced to a much earlier part of the show was a nice bit of insight into the show.

  2. Skiznot says

    Cristine is hilarious. Loved how she was messin with ya’ll. Such a good actress she had me believing there really was an armed guard. I think she really has powers of persuasion.