Slice of SciFi #183: Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti (Writer, “Dead Space”)

Jimmy Palmiotti

Jimmy Palmiotti

In the News:

  • Gizmodo has posted some really cool images of a Battlestar Galactica designed PC that is frakin’ awesome. This uniquely designed BSG PC model can actually hold colonial vipers and raptors.
  • Get ready for a big change in some familiar Biblical tales. The Bible is about to go Manga, robots and mecha-infused armor and all.
  • Zachary Quinto, the actor who will be portraying the younger Spock for the new Star Trek feature film said in a recent interview that fans will meet familiar characters in a new and different way.
  • Movie Talk:

  • There is a new Swedish horror film opening in limited release outside of that country called “Let the Right One In,” the story of young vampire/human love. J.J. Abrams has acquired the English-speaking rights to the film so there could be a Hollywood version coming later.
  • Academy Award nominated actor Don Cheadle will be replacing Terrance Howard as James “Rhoady” Rhodes for the next big Iron Man flick.
  • Slice of Trivia: Kurt brings you 3 clips all about Halloween. Can you guess them? Send your clips to Kurt in St. George and they just might get played on the show. Email them to sliceoftriviaat

    TV Talk:

    Most of all the new SF shows for the fall have now debuted and some have done so with pretty fair ratings. The biggest challenge for viewers is how the networks have pitted their competing shows against one another. Some are showing as many as 3 at the same time and with some favorites from last year returning, even owning a DVR won’t help catch them all. That being said, while the ratings have been fair to good — only a couple are clear winners and we share all the latest standings with you.

    Interview: Mike and Summer talk with comic book writer/creator Jimmy Palmiotti, one of the main writers behind the “Dead Space” video game. Jimmy also has an impressive resume, writing for such TV shows like “Painkiller Jane” and “Speed Racer: The Next Generation.” He also wrote for video games such as “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe,” “Ghost Rider” and “Punisher.” Besides the “Dead Space” video game and the upcoming animated made-for-DVD film based on the game, Jimmy also talks about some of his future projects and the prospect of doing a live-action Dead Space movie.

    Future Talk:

  • Actor Sam Neill of the SF films “Event Horizon” and “Jurassic Park” is getting ready to star in a new film that will be co-opted between China and Australia called “The Last Dragon.”
  • Jason Statham’s character from the film “Crank” gets resurrected in his next high-intensity follow-up to the life of hitman Chev Chelios in “Crank: High Voltage.”
  • The Jim Henson Company’s Alternative label will see the famous muppets solving crimes in a new made-for-adults film noir detective drama called “Happytime Murders.”
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    1. says

      Wait.. Did you say “puppets” and “Happy Time”?

      And someone mentioned Joss Whedon doing it?

      Well.. He did! “Happy Time” was the name of a sinister, puppet-led children’s program that played in Angel. This is the infamous puppet episode of Angel, in which the title character is transformed into a “wee little puppet”, as Spike puts it..

    2. tltrude says

      I don’t understand why you guys aren’t talking about “The Big Bang Theory” TV show more often. Ok, it is on in the same timeslot as “Heroes”, but that’s why you own a TIVO/DVDR, right? If you haven’t seen the show yet, check out season 2, episode 4 and you’ll be hooked!