Slice of SciFi #181: Interview With AMD’s Charlie Boswell

In the News:

  • Zack Snyder, the director of “300” and the upcoming “Watchmen” will be developing video games for Electronic Arts.
  • It’s the case of the glowing police gnome as a Trevois man could be charged and arrested for not putting out of sight his front-yard lighted garden gnome.
  • Dell Computers and Paramount Pictures have struck a deal that will begin offering consumers the opportunity to order movies preloaded into their newly purchased Dell computers.
  • Punch In the Junk: Krazy Joe is back on Slice of SciFi with his own segment. His candidate this week for a Punch in the Junk is J.J. Abrams. Joe pulls no punches in his roasting over the coals of J.J. for what he thinks is a below par remake of The X-Files with “Fringe.”

    Movie Talk:

  • On November 21 one of the most anticipated novel-to-film presentations comes to the big screen with the premiere of “Twilight,” based on the YA novels from author Stephanie Meyer about a love story between a vampire and a human.
  • We take a look at some of the other SF and genre-related movies coming out in November.
  • TV Talk: Like Krazy Joe, our TV segment focuses entirely on the new J.J. Abrams show “Fringe” on Fox and we ponder the daunting question: “Should ‘Fringe’ have more solid science?”

    Interview: Mike and Summer talk in depth with Charlie Boswell, the director of digital media and entertainment for CPU creator AMD. Charlie’s enthusiasm for Cinema 2.0 makes you want to run right out and get onboard immediately. Cinema 2 is a new enhanced technology and AMD fusion platform being utilized by landmark entertainment creators like George Lucas and Robert Rodriguez that allow the most dramatic computer – the one sitting on the shoulder of every human – to interact with the creative process. Cinema 2 created films and video games will allow viewers to interact with the creator’s mind in its own holodeck-esque framework, or as Charlie puts it, “the ultimate Vulcan mind-meld.”

    Future Talk:

  • Actor/Director Kenneth Branagh is currently in negotiations to sit center seat for the new Marvel Comics live-action film about “Thor.”
  • Danielle Panabaker, the actress who has starred with James Woods in “Shark” and Kevin Costner in “Mr. Brooks,” will take on the female lead in the sci-fi action film “Prodigy.”
  • Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show! See you next week with fresh new content.

    Link: AMD’s Cinema 2.0
    Link: Dell Computers and Paramount Pictures
    Link: Twilight the Movie
    Link: “Fringe” on Fox
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    1. tltrude says

      Charlie Boswell talks like a politician — try to please everyone and don’t promise anything!

    2. ejdalise says

      Heck, since no one is commenting, I figure I have free reign. Here goes . . .

      You guys did your best to put anything, anything at all, that your guest was saying into some sort of framework that would a) interest your listeners, and b) make them understand what the heck was being discussed.

      Not your fault, but you failed miserably. It’s like the guy was in his own little world . . . and was afraid to describe it in plain terms to the rest of us.

      Fringe and X-Files
      Personally, never having taken to X-files, I welcome a version of it that piques my interest. And I disagree with Joe (blasphemy, I know!) . . . if the X-Files would have had a mad scientist, I might have watched it.

      As far as “should the science be solid?” . . . I don’t think so, but it should be consistent. SciFi is rooted on asking audiences to accept a given scientific premise, and then having the ensuing plot loosely revolving around it, or at least having the premise (science) provide a backdrop for the tale being told. Star Trek series often failed in this regard, as technology would both come and go as needed. So far Fringe has not tripped up, regardless how fantastic the premise.

      The “Observer” is the only thing that is outside what has been postulated as the underlying science shaping events and plot points. That has the potential to ruin the show for me, but we’ll see.