Slice of SciFi #180: What’s On TV? – We Tell You What To Think!

In the News:

  • DreamWorks is now a free entity from the clutches of Paramount Pictures as the deal between India’s Reliance Films and DreamWorks has been finalized. Are there any winners with this deal?
  • After three decades Hammer Films is back in the horror picture business.
  • The new “Star Trek” movie will reveal that alcoholism will still be a stark reality in the 23rd Century and it greatly affects the Kirk family household.

  • Special Segment: Trampas Whiteman shares his essay on where “Star Trek: Voyager” went wrong.

    Movie Talk:

  • “Blindness” is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a large city’s residents that become struck blind by the sudden onset of an unknown plague.
  • On October 24 get ready for more of the same wanton killing and mayhem when Tobin Bell returns as Jigsaw for “SAW V.”
  • “Fear(s) of the Dark” is a wild collection of fearful tales by six of the world’s most renowned comic and graphic artists.

  • Slice of Trivia: Kurt in St. George brings 3 more clips to stump your weary hearts and ears. Theme? We will let you guess.

    TV Talk: CBS will air its premiere of “Eleventh Hour” on Thursday, 10PM ET beginning October 9.

    Special Segment: SPOILER ALERT!The entire Slice of SciFi crew discuss many of the returning SF shows and several of the new ones giving their ideas, opinions with in depth conversation. Some of the shows being discussed in the special extended section usually reserved for our interviews are “Heroes,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “Torchwood,” “Dexter,” “Pushing Daises,” “True Blood,” “Doctor Who,” “Supernatural,” “Knight Rider,” and many, many more.

    Future Talk:

  • Nicolas Cage and Dominic Sena, his director for “Gone in Sixty Seconds,” are getting back together for the new supernatural thriller “Seasons of the Witch.”
  • John Travolta lends his voice for a unique film titled “Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey,” a space film with a very unusual premise about photons and their saving of the universe.
  • Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show! See you next week with fresh new content.

    Link: Hammer Films
    Link: “Blindness” Official Website
    Link: “Eleventh Hour” Official Website
    Promo: “The Byron Chronicles” from Darker Projects.

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    1. ejdalise says

      Love the show, which is why I just read Fox may cancel it to help out Prison Break (!?!?!). The character development is great with the exception of the title character (still not much beyond brooding throughout the show). The Cameron line is really intriguing. And I agree the new “liquid” terminator is superfluous – except it was one of the few ways they could still keep the FBI guy engaged.

      Like the old scientist and son (they save the show), hate both agents (she reminds me of Claire Dane – something like animated cardboard), like the assistant. The “science” is fun, the plots are transparent – Spoiler: If only two people ever worked on a project, and one is your charge, the other one is involved. Duh!! Give it a few more times, and maybe the lead character will be infused with some sort of wonder drug that will make me care.

      Don’t know how long they can keep that premise going, but a fun watch. Casey (Adam Baldwin) had a chance to show me something but the plot never went there. The girl’s main import seems to be to model underwear, but it could be worse. I’ll keep watching a while longer.

      Great show, and I agree the occasional cast banter in place of an interview is great.

    2. Jason says

      You show is so much better without the interviews. This is why I look forward to the Voice Mail show more than the regular show. I’m sorry, but a lot of times I have no idea who your guest is or I just don’t care or they are dull. It’s like Top Gear; I love this show but if I am not watching it live, I fast-forward through their Stars in Cars, because I just. don’t. care. When I am listening to Slice of SciFi as a podcast, I tend to fast-forward through the interviews too. Sorry, love the show, but the interviews are blah most of the time.

      New topic: on show #181 you were responding to a caller who said people should watch a few episodes because many shows take a few episodes to hit their stride. You recommended reading the forums and Slice of SciFi reviews to
      know if a show is getting better. Here’s an idea, create a new feature with a line graph and viewer comments to graph if a show is getting better, worse, or remains constant (above or below Good). Kinda like a Market report for shows. I don’t think it would be hard to do.

      Love the show (love it more without the interviews, but hey , to each his own.