Slice of SciFi #177: Josh Gates of SciFi Channel’s “Destination Truth”

In the News:

  • The Summer of 2008 will be remembered for more games than just the Olympics in China. When it comes to gaming, this has been the summer of video games, especially the newest craze called casual games.
  • This SCI-FI to SCI-FACT is something you thought you’d only see or hear about in a SF or disaster movie, but scientists are now claiming that New York City could be the epicenter of a future major earthquake.
  • Six European countries will be getting a look at MTV’s new global Web-based high-definition, Dolby 5.1 surround-sound service christened, MTV Networks HD, beginning September 15th.

Movie Talk:

  • Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman film, “The Dark Knight” has become an unstoppable force that is showing no signs of slowing down two months after its premiere.
  • Producer Damon Lindelof, one of the showrunners behind the J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek movie, gives the final word and real reason why William Shatner wasn’t in this eleventh Trek film.

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TV Talk:

Our entire TV segment is dedicated to some of the things you can expect to find out when the new season of “Heroes” returns to NBC on September 22nd at 9/8C. While what we share can’t legally be defined as SPOILERS, some may want to fast-forward. Don’t blame Slice of SciFi for this information, it comes straight from NBC.

Interview: Josh Gates, show host and one of the producers for SCI FI Channel’s successful program “Destination Truth” joins us this week. “Destination Truth” is an one-hour travel show that investigates urban legends, the strange and fantastic, unique tales and age-old folklore with just the right touch of skepticism to make the show wonderfully interesting and fun to watch.

In the Future:

  • “Horrorween is an upcoming comedy/horror film that is being tagged as “Hollywood’s First and Biggest Viral Movie.” Lots of big named actors, past and current, will be making cameos in this one.
  • “The Uninvited” is another new horror film that is loosely based on a 2003 Korean horror movie called “Janghwa Hongryeon.” It stars Academy Award nominee David Stratharim and Elizabeth Banks.

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  1. WonderJenn says

    Was kinda shocked to see an interview with Josh Gates here, especially as much as you guys are always raggin on SciFi’s reality programming. Not a bad interview though. I still won’t watch the show – at least Ghost Hunters is funny . . . I know they don’t mean it to be, but it is. :)

  2. Cross Knights says

    It sucks that Crazy Joe is leaving :(. He was a awesome addition to the team. There’s always the voice mail show though.

  3. Hayden Keene says

    Hey Josh okay i know im 11 but im your biggest fan. I watch your show all the time on wenesdays. and i was wondering if you would like a live audience on a mystery. it would be so cool. because im cool but your cooler. it would mean the world to me to hang out with you ,ryder ,casey ,jed, and jared. you are my hero. so please w/b. sincerely Hayden Keene. ps: if you can w/b by tomarow :)