Slice of SciFi #174: Dr. Michael Brooks (Author, “13 Things That Don’t Make Sense”)

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  • Rogue Pictures has picked up the Ehren Kruger script titled “The Keep,” a film about a mysterious power that seduces a woman with tales of the supernatural.
  • Animal Logic, the Oz animation company known for such hits as “Happy Feet,” “Gun” and “Tony Hawk,” is opening a game producing studio in Los Angeles.

  • Movie Talk:

  • On Friday, August 22nd moviegoers are going to get the ride of a lifetime in Paul W.S. Anderson’s “Death Race,” starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Ian McShane, Tyrese Gibson and a very special cameo appearance.
  • Has Hollywood been listening to Slice of SciFi? George Wendt and Daniel Roebuck will star in a new horror film called “Bryan Loves You,” set in Arizona, the home of our DracoVista Studios and revolves around a little known cult of people who love a mysterious character name Bryan.

  • Slice of Trivia: Kurt in St. George has 3 clips from the decade of moldy cheese — The 1980’s.

    TV Talk:

  • Beginning March 27 and for three exciting days, a huge undertaking will get off the ground in Los Angeles, California. That is when fans from all across the globe will merge together in one place to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Quantum Leap.
  • At this years San Diego Comic Con producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse let some of the secrets for season 5 of the ABC hit series “Lost” out of the bag.

  • Interview: Dr. Michael Brooks is a quantum physicists who has written one of the most exciting books to come along since professor Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” Brooks discusses his book “13 Things That Don’t Make Sense,” with Mike and Summer. The book takes some heavy scientific topics like cosmology, the pioneer anomaly, the constant (or inconsistency) of the Law of Physics, cold fusion and dark matter. He then smoothly moves into medicine, therapeutic touch and discusses why a sugar pill can make you feel better. “13 Things That Don’t Make Sense” is a fascinating read that was written for everyone from the Ph.D. to the everyman on the street. Near the end of the interview Dr. Brooks begins talking about the correct way to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

    Future Talk: Joe talks about the plot for the next Narnia film, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” which has just been given a release date of May 7, 2010 by Disney.

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    Link: “13 Things That Don’t Make Sense” by Dr. Michael Brooks
    Link: “Bryan Loves You”
    Link: 20th Anniversary Celebration for Quantum Leap
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      Mike’s reference to “Connections” – if I remember correctly this TV series was hosted by James Burke, who made his reputation commentating on the Apollo missions (“the man who ad-libbed his way to the Moon”).