Slice of SciFi #169: Voicemail Show

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This is the show for our inquiring fans and listeners and their voicemails, emails. We want to hear your comments and feedback… No, really, we do! Pay no attention to how much Mike grumbles about them…you know – that guy sitting in the dark corner with all the knobs and switches.

This week the studio gang respond to the questions and comments posed by your voicemail submissions, and once again HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!!

Got a comment for the Slice of SciFi Voicemail show? Call them in at 206-339-TREK, that’s 206-339-8735 for the letter challenged. Make the comments short and unique there’s a real good chance you will hear it on the show.

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  1. Podcast will not download :( Anything I can do?

  2. Seems to be working for me. ;-)

    May be that you just tried during the peak time. Try again.

  3. Try again Forkboy. If you are using iTunes reset it and your file should download fine.

  4. Mike: The “I Drink Your Milkshake” thing is from There Will Be Blood.

  5. That would explain it…. Don’t know that one. ;-)

  6. Damn good movie. Thought it was better than No Country For Old Men, and Daniel Day Lewis earned that Oscar he got for the role. Definitely worth checking out.

  7. I’m just glad everyone liked my gnome joke. I’ve raised my own bar.

  8. Rich Romo says:

    Hola Gang,

    Downloaded all three acts of Dr. Horrible last night. Funny stuff. I laughed my backside off. Please tell me that Joss isn’t stopping with three acts. Do you know if he has more planned?



  9. Gary said “I’ve raised my own bar”. That might have some alternate meanings down here in Oz but obviously you enjoyed your gnome joke a little too much.


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