Slice of SciFi Interview With Paul McGillion

Linda Craddock, our Slice of SciFi roving reporter, was able to get a few minutes with the very busy and always fun guy, Paul McGillion and talk with him about his return to “Stargate: Atlantis” as every fan’s favorite character Dr. Carson Beckett once season five premieres this Friday, July 11 on the SCI FI Channel.

Paul was also able to tell us a little (a very, very little) about his role in the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek film due out this coming May 2009.

Sit back and enjoy this exciting conversation with one of our favorite actors, Paul McGillion.

[NOTE: This interview can only be downloaded for listening from the SoSF Website]


  1. says

    Great little interview with Paul. Loved how much he couldn’t say about the Star Trek movie. Guess I may go see the movie now just to see his part. :)

  2. Scott from Kalamazoo says

    For some reason this didn’t come down in the RSS feed. The article did but the mp3 did not.

  3. says

    Scott you can only download the interview from the website. It isn’t on the RSS feed because non-show audio specials like these screw up our feed data.


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