Slice of SciFi #166: Interview With Chris McKeown about FedCon USA

In the News:

  • Stan Lee goes to work for Virgin Comics, while still making product for Disney and Marvel.
  • Steven Spielberg is ready to save his one time co-ownership of DreamWorks and he has a boat-load of other studios clamoring to give him millions to make it happen.

  • From the SoSF International News Desk:

  • Metrodome Pictures from the U.K. making the animated French feature “Fear(s) of the Dark.”
  • Germany celebrates 50th anniversary of “Little Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams.”
  • Finnish animator Antti Haikala makes his directorial debut with “The Magic Crystal.”
  • Two U.K. filmmakers will be producing a new 3-D horror thriller called “The Mortician.”
  • Special Segment: Mike the Nick Nameless One reviews M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening.”

    Movie Talk:

  • The first big superhero movie for July will be Will Smith’s action dramedy “Hancock.”
  • On July 11 comes the movie we have all been eagerly awaiting. The Big Red is back in “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.”
  • Special Segment: Crazy Joe briefly talks about the new Steve Carrell film “Get Smart” and Mari from Michigan reviews “Immortel (ad vitam)” on DVD.

    TV Talk:

  • Whenever “Battlestar Galactica” airs in 2009 it will be longer than the usual one or two hours normally set aside for series finales.
  • D.C. Comics will offer a prequel comic to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming fall Fox TV series called “Fringe.”
  • We have the name of the actor picked to replace Jay Mohr on “Ghost Whisperer.” Jay moves on to star in his own weekly sitcom.
  • Interview: Former SciFi United co-owner, site manger and editor Chris McKeown joins us to talk about all the things that pinnacled to destroy the first and probably last ever FedCon USA non-event that occurred last weekend in Dallas, Texas. McKeown now runs

    Future Talk:

  • Daniel Craig and Ewan McGregor will star in an upcoming film that will be a mix of comedy, fantasy and horror in “I, Lucifer.”
  • Len Wiseman, who helmed Bruce Willis’ big hit “Live Free or Die Hard,” will direct a new videogame-to-film, live action feature for New Line based on a Microsoft and Epic Games popular gaming franchise called “Gears of War.”
  • Summer can’t talk about “Wanted” yet! — but….
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    1. says

      If you liked the movie Immortel then you will love the Graphic Novel that it is based on.

      The movies director Enki Bilal is directing the story based on his own graphic novels La Foire aux immortels” and “La Femme piège. These storys are just so great.

      About this movie The Magic Crystal. The director Antti Haikala has been production manager for another great animated movie with the name; Niko & The Way to the Stars

      The story is about a reindeer boy named Niko that dreams about flying like his father, whom he has never met. Despite suffering from severe vertigo, he sneaks out of his home valley to take flying lessons from Julius, a rare member of a Finnish family of flying squirrels.

      I have seen a few clips from the movie and i really hope this movie gets a wider audience than the finns.